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1888 Proof Set with Gold
Set Registry   U.S. Coins - Proof Sets 1888 Proof Set with Gold

Number of Required Coins : 13

Current Finest Possible Set Rating : 69.846

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The 1888 Proof Set continued with the appearance it had since 1883 when the Liberty or "V" nickel was introduced. An Indian Cent, Three Cent Nickel, Liberty Nickel, three Seated Liberty Silver coins and a Morgan Dollar. Just over 800 silver coins were made, with over 4500 cents and nickels struck, making this set of one of the more available of the period. The six gold coins are of typical rarity for Proof gold of the period. With only about 100 struck of the larger denominations, and certainly less than half that amount shown, auction appearances are infrequent... not even once a year on average.

Notes: This set is not yet weighted. This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

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RankCollection% CompleteGPA WeightedGPA with Top Pop BonusesSet Rating
1 Garrett Collection 100.00%64.08
Retired All-Time Finest
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 64.077
% Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 64.077
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