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I have loved this coin since the moment I saw it a decade ago. At the time, it was in an NGC 65 holder. Aside from the beautiful original golden toning, its strongest attribute is the full and flowing luster across the surfaces. A lovely coin!

The Brand-Knoxville-Morelan specimen. The surfaces are amazingly album toned and alive with luster. A few tiny ticks do not distract. The reverse is especially frosty, with a cameo eagle in the center.

The Eliasberg specimen....the finest known. Ex NGC MS67. Full flowing cartwheel luster graced by a kiss of delicate toning. The reverse is simply spectacular with luminous mint bloom on the eagle and clouds.

This stunning example of the 1796 dollar is the absolute finest known. The fields are alive with semi prooflike flash and the color is simply outstanding. While a bit dark, the coin is a solid gem due to the eye appeal and flash.

The Green-Newman-Morelan specimen. Delightfully lustrous for the date with a very sharp strike. The even toning serves to frame the devices which stand out nicely from the fields. A bit of shiny contact on the cheek and a few lines on the neck of ...

The Cleneay-Green-Newman-Morelan specimen. This coin is the finest known for this transitional type. It has full flowing luster and wonderful toning. A bit baggy with a touch of high point friction, it is nonetheless a marvelous example of a date ...
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