Coins Certified as of 1/18

User Guide - Add New Set

Add New Set

After adding your inventory, you can view all the available sets for that inventory in Add New Set.

Start a set:

Step 1. Click the Add New Set link on the right menu bar. All sets that you are able to start with your available inventory are listed.

If you have already created a set and have no inventory that will match, that composition will not display on this page. If you have two coins of the same kind and have already created a set using one of the coins, that set will be listed as an existing set and you will have an opportunity to create a second set.

If you retire a set that is over 90% complete, that inventory will not be available to add to the same set composition. That set is listed in the Registry All-time Finest category. If you wish the set removed from the Registry so you can re-use the inventory in that same set composition, please contact [email protected].

Step 2. Select the set you wish to start by clicking the View Composite link.

Step 3. The set composite for the set selected is displayed. To start this set, click the Start this Set link.

Note that from the set composite page you can view the set’s weights and bonus points by clicking the View Set Composition link, which will take you to the PCGS Set Registry set composition page.

Step 4. All the inventory items available for this set will be indicated by an Add Coin link in the Add/Replace column. To add the coins to your new set, simply click the Add Coin link. Or, you can add all available coins at once by clicking the Add Best Available Items to Empty Slots link. If you have more than one item of the same type, you must select which item you wish to add.

Step 5. The next page indicates that the coin has been added to your set. In order to make your set live in the PCGS Set Registry, you must publish it by committing the changes.  If you do not want your set to appear online, do not commit it. To publish your set, click the Commit or Rollback button.

Step 6. Publish your set by clicking the Commit button. Note that from this page you can View Set again prior to publishing or you can Rollback, which will remove the coin(s) you have added from the set.

Step 7. Once published, statistics will be displayed for that set. You can also change the set name and default preferences for a specific set. For example, if your default allows others to view the contents of your sets, but for this particular set you wish to keep it closed, you can make that change by clicking the Edit link and unchecking the “Allow the public to view set item details?” and then updating the set.

Note: By unchecking the “Published?” box and updating the set, you will remove the set from the Registry. You can re-publish it at any time.