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User Guide - Getting Started

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Getting Started

Welcome to the PCGS Set Registry, home to the world’s finest coin collections. The Registry provides a safe place on the Internet to show-off your coin collection.  You can start with just one coin and build your set over time, or add an entire collection. 

The Registry is a free program offered by PCGS and comes with many benefits including free grading and pedigree services.  There is no software to download.  Everything you do is done securely over the Internet.  To begin, you sign up, log in, and go to My Set Registry.

Through the PCGS Set Registry you can track your inventory, costs and populations, build sets and enjoy friendly competition, meet other collectors who share common interests, create a photo album of your collection, and share your set with others or keep it private.  In addition, because the PCGS Set Registry is tied to the PCGS Price Guide, you can track your portfolio’s performance and perform What If? scenarios.

The PCGS Set Registry is exclusive to PCGS-graded coins, so to begin, you will need the certification numbers of the coins you own and intend to register or you can register by scanning the barcode located on each coin’s holder.

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