Coins Certified as of 1/24

User Guide - My Inventory

My Inventory

The My Inventory page lists all of the coins you have added. If the coin is priced in the PCGS Price Guide, the price will automatically load with your coin and will be shown in bold. You have the option to change the price if you wish.

In My Inventory you can also:

  • add the cost of your coins,
  • add images
  • add coin descriptions
  • view what sets the coins can be used in
  • delete inventory
  • add sets

If you are re-registering an inventory item to which you have previously attached an image and description, that information will reload when you add the item.

Your inventory functions separately from your sets, so adding an upgrade coin to your inventory will not remove the lower grade coin from your inventory. The upgrade, however, will be available to add in any sets you have started where appropriate.  You will have the option to upgrade and commit the change.

Your entire inventory is sortable by all the column headers except the Image column. You can also filter the list to display only specific items using the Filter boxes.

Add your cost:

Step 1. To add the cost of your coin, click View Coin.

Step 2. On the View Coin page, click the Edit link in the description box.

Step 3. Add your cost in the My Cost box.

Step 4. Click the Update link. Note that most coins are priced in the PCGS Price Guide and that price or current value will automatically appear in the PCGS Price Guide Price box. If the box is empty, then the coin does not appear in the price guide and you can enter your own price in the Current Value box using the steps listed above. You can also change the current value by typing in your own value in the Current Value box.

Add descriptions to inventory:

Your description can be up to 2,000 characters long.

Step 1. To add a description to your coin, click View Coin.

Step 2. On the View Coin page, click the Edit link in the description box.

Step 3. Add your coin’s description in the Description box.

Step 4. Click the Update link.

Add images from My Inventory page:

You can add one or multiple images to your coin. There are no size limitations.

Step 1. To add an image to your coin from the My Inventory page, click Upload.

Step 2. Click the Browse button.

Step 3. You must select your image file location. Locate your image file by clicking the down arrow in the Look in box and finding the file folder that stores your images. Generally, your images will be stored in My Pictures in My Documents on your C drive (or in the MAC in your Pictures folder on your home directory), but you may also upload images from other folders and other drives such as a CD/DVD drive.

Highlight your image file so that it appears in the File Name box and click the Open button. This will place the file location in the Browse box.

Step 4. To add the image, click the Upload link. The image will appear as a thumbnail in the image column.

To add more images to this coin, repeat Steps 1-4 above.

Add and delete images from View Coin page:

Step 1. Click the View Coin link next to the inventory item you are going to image.

Step 2. Click the Browse button and locate the image file you wish to upload.

Step 3. Click the Upload Image button.

Step 4. The image will appear as a thumbnail above the Browse/Upload Image buttons. From here you can Rename or Delete the image.

To add more images to this coin, repeat Steps 1-4 above.

Deleting inventory:

Step 1. To delete a coin, click View Coin.

Step 2. Click Delete this Coin from My Inventory. When you delete a coin from your inventory, the coin is also deleted from any sets in which you may have that item registered. If you have sets registered and you wish to remove the coin from your sets but keep the item in your inventory, follow the instructions for Deleting Inventory from Sets in My Sets.

Deleting multiple inventory items:

Step 1. If you have a number of coins to delete, check off the inventory items using the box located in the left column next to the certification number.

Step 2. Click the Delete checked coins from My Inventory link.  Note that this will remove the coins from any sets in which you may have those items registered. 

If you have sold a set that is at least 90% complete and you want it to remain in the All Time Finest category, you should delete the set rather than delete the inventory items.  This will keep your set completion factor intact. Follow the instructions for Delete a Set in My Sets.

Deleting entire inventory:

If you wish to remove your entire inventory, click the Delete my entire Inventory link. This action will also remove your inventory in all your registered sets.

Add sets from My Inventory:

Sets can be added and updated from My Inventory. (Sets can also be added from Add New Set and updated in My Sets.)

Step 1. From My Inventory home page, click View Coin.

Step 2. A list of available sets for your inventory item appears on the page. Click Start Set for the set you wish to start.

Step 3. The set composite for the set selected is displayed. To start this set, click the Start this Set link.

Note that from the composite page you can view the set’s weights and bonus points by clicking on View Set Composition link, which will take you to the PCGS Set Registry set composition page.

Step 4. The inventory item you are working from will be indicated by an Add Coin link in the Add/Replace column. In addition, all inventory items which match this set are also available to add. To add the coin to your new set, click the Add Coin link. Or, you can add all available coins at once by clicking the Add Best Available Items to Emply Slots link.

If you have more than one item of the same type, you must select which item you wish to add.

Step 5. The next page indicates that the coin(s) has been added to your set. In order to publish your set in the PCGS Set Registry, you must commit it. If you do not want your set to appear online, do not commit it. To commit your set, click the Commit or Rollback button.

Step 6. Publish your set by clicking the Commit button. Note that from this page you can View Set again prior to committing or you can Rollback, which will remove from the set the coin(s) you have added.

Step 7. A published set will display the statistics for your set. You can also change the default preferences for a specific set. For example, if your default allows others to view the contents of your sets, but for this particular set you wish to keep it closed, you can make that change by clicking the Edit link and unchecking the “Allow the public to view set item details?” and then updating the set.

Note: By unchecking the “Published?” box and updating the set, you will remove the set from the Registry. You can re-publish it at any time.