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User Guide - Set Comments

Set Comments

Other members are permitted to add comments to viewable sets in the Registry. This feature is self-monitoring. You can add and delete your own comments, delete comments made from other users and block users from adding comments to your sets.

Add Your Comments:

Log in, go to your registered set and open your set. The comment box is at the bottom of your set. Type your comments in the comment box and click the Add Your Comments button.

Delete your Comments or other member’s Comments:

Click the Delete link which appears at the right of comment.

Block Users:

Click the Block This User From Posting link. The user will be unable to post any further comments to any of your sets. If you wish to delete the comment, click the Delete link.  Note, if you delete the comment prior to blocking the user, you will not be able to block the user.  Therefore, first block the user, then delete the comment.

Reinstate blocked users:

You can reinstate users two ways. If you have not deleted the user's comments, you can reinstate that user from the comments area by clicking in the Reinstate This User link.

If you have deleted a user's comment after blocking the user, you can resinstate the user in My Preferences in My Set Registry.