Coins Certified as of 1/22

User Guide - Showcases


The Collectors Showcase is a non-competitive area where you can load your favorite coins that might not necessarily be considered a “set.”  It is in the Showcase where you can show-off your coins. Note that your coins must be in inventory to begin.

Add coins to Showcase:

Step 1. Click the Showcase link on the right menu bar and then click the Create new Showcase link.

Step 2. Type in the name of your collection in the Name box and then click the down arrow on the Category box and select which category best suits the coin(s) you wish to showcase. Click the Create link to begin adding your coins.

Step 3.  After you click Create, you are shown your inventory list.  You can add coins to your showcase set by clicking the Add Coin link.

Step 4. When you have finished adding coins to your showcase, click the Edit link to add your description and publish your set.

Step 5. Add your set description in the Description box, check the Published? box and click the Update link.

Delete coins from Showcase:

To delete a coin from your Showcase set, click the Remove Coin link.  If you wish to remove all the coins in your Showcase set, click the Remove all Coins from Showcase link. Note that this action will not remove your coins from inventory. To remove coins from inventory, follow the instructions for Deleting Inventory.

Delete Showcase set:

To delete a showcase set, click the Delete Showcase link. This action will remove your showcase from the Registry.