Coins Certified as of 1/21

User Guide - Your Account

Your Account

New members:
If you are new to the PCGS Set Registry, in order to add and update your Registry sets, you must create an account. From the PCGS Set Registry home page, click the Log In link.

Then click the Sign up for a new account link and fill in the form. 

Note that your email address and password will serve as your log in userID.  You can also create a display username which will be the name that appears in the PCGS Set Registry in general areas like your Coin Album and the listing of your sets. Therefore, if you do not want your email to appear in the Registry, do not use your email address as your username.  Select a username that you are comfortable displaying on the web.

Upon completion of your account information, you will be asked to read and agree to the terms of the PCGS Set Registry.  Once you agree, you can go to My Set Registry and begin adding your inventory and creating your sets.

Returning members:
If you wish to change your account information, please log in to My Set Registry and then click the Your Account link which appears at the top right of every page in the Registry.  From here you can update your account information.