AEC Miller - 35th

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Rank 35
Weighted GPA 66.442
Complete 76.79%
Set Rating 51.018

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AEC Miller
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1502112007-P George Washington$1MS6691313
1502162007-D George Washington$1MS6610339
1502182007-P John Adams$1MS6612884
1502202007-D John Adams$1MS6612484
1502222007-P Thomas Jefferson$1MS673960
1481102007-D Thomas Jefferson$1MS679170
1502272007-P James Madison$1MS6684375
1481122007-D James Madison$1MS671590
3946522008-P James Monroe$1MS671374
3946582008-D James Monroe$1MS675326
3946672008-P John Quincy Adams$1MS66152782
3946662008-D John Quincy Adams$1MS67460
3948582008-P Andrew Jackson$1MS6677229
3948612008-D Andrew Jackson$1MS6566378
3948722008-P Martin Van Buren$1MS67430
3948732008-D Martin Van Buren$1MS6665411
4073772009-P William Henry Harrison$1MS671932
4073762009-D William Henry Harrison$1MS663896
4073892009-P John Tyler$1MS662033
4073882009-D John Tyler$1MS661300
4097172009-P James K. Polk $1MS67780
4097162009-D James K. Polk $1MS664370
4097272009-P Zachary Taylor$1MS665440
4097302009-D Zachary Taylor $1MS663800
4178652010-P Millard Fillmore$1MS663450
4178662010-D Millard Fillmore$1MS661730
4178692010-P Franklin Pierce$1MS663450
4178702010-D Franklin Pierce$1MS661840
4178712010-P James Buchanan$1MS662369
4178722010-D James Buchanan$1MS661740
4178752010-P Abraham Lincoln$1MS6636112
4178782010-D Abraham Lincoln$1MS663220
5065062011-P Andrew Johnson$1MS671865
5065132011-D Andrew Johnson$1MS671476
5065162011-P Ulysses S. Grant$1MS672037
5065172011-D Ulysses S. Grant$1MS671667
5065292011-P Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS671058
5065262011-D Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS6717613
5065372011-P James Garfield$1MS671155
5065342011-D James Garfield$1MS671378
5120532012-P Chester Arthur$1MS6718912
5120542012-D Chester Arthur$1MS671365
  2012-P Grover Cleveland 22nd $1 
  2012-D Grover Cleveland 22nd$1 
  2012-P Benjamin Harrison$1 
  2012-D Benjamin Harrison $1 
5120762012-P Grover Cleveland 24th $1MS6720413
  2012-D Grover Cleveland 24th$1 
  2013-P Theodore Roosevelt$1 
  2013-D Theodore Roosevelt$1 
  2013-P William Howard Taft$1 
  2013-D William Howard Taft$1 
  2013-P William McKinley$1 
  2013-D William McKinley$1 
  2013-P Woodrow Wilson$1 
  2013-D Woodrow Wilson$1 
  2014-P $1 Warren G. Harding$1 
  2014-D $1 Warren G. Harding$1 
  2014-P $1 Calvin Coolidge$1 
  2014-D $1 Calvin Coolidge$1 
  2014-P $1 Herbert Hoover $1 
  2014-D $1 Herbert Hoover$1 
  2014-P $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt$1 
  2014-D $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt$1 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.