Just Having Fun with USPI Circulation Strikes. - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Rank 1
Weighted GPA 65.366
Complete 97.99%
Set Rating 64.436
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Just Having Fun with USPI Circulation Strikes.
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
900051903 Half Centavo1/2CMS67RD20
900071904 Half Centavo1/2CMS65RB174From Warren Mills who once loved these coins as much as I do
900381903 One Centavo1CMS65RD20
900411904 One Centavo1CMS66RD40
900441905 One Centavo1CMS66RD71
900471908-S One Centavo1CMS65RD52
900501909-S One Centavo1CMS66RD20
900531910-S One Centavo1CMS66RD151
900561911-S One Centavo1CMS66RD40
900591912-S One Centavo1CMS64RD41
900621913-S One Centavo1CMS65RD10
900631914-S One Centavo1CMS64BN1512
900681915-S One Centavo1CMS64RD10
900701916-S One Centavo1CMS66RB20
900771917-S One Centavo1CMS66RD50
900821918-S One Centavo Allen 2.16a Large S1CMS65RB10
900791918-S One Centavo1CMS65RB50
900861919-S One Centavo1CMS64RD10
900921920 One Centavo1CMS65RD10
900871920-S One Centavo1CMS65BN50
900951921 One Centavo1CMS65RD10
900971922 One Centavo1CMS66RB10
901011925-M One Centavo1CMS66RD40
901041926-M One Centavo1CMS65RD20
901071927-M One Centavo1CMS67RD20
901101928-M One Centavo1CMS67RD10
901131929-M One Centavo1CMS66RD10
901161930-M One Centavo1CMS66RD10
901191931-M One Centavo1CMS65RD111
901221932-M One Centavo1CMS66RD100
901251933-M One Centavo1CMS66RD90
901281934-M One Centavo1CMS66RD112
901311936-M One Centavo1CMS66RD50
901701937-M One Centavo1CMS67RD10
901731938-M One Centavo1CMS64RD58
901761939-M One Centavo1CMS66RD20
901791940-M One Centavo1CMS66RD40
901821941-M One Centavo1CMS66RD20
901851944-S One Centavo1CMS67RD90
901931903 Five Centavos5CMS6710
901941904 Five Centavos5CMS6640
901951916-S Five Centavos5CMS6710
901961917-S Five Centavos5CMS6610
901971918-S Five Centavos5CMS6480
901981918-S Five Centavos Allen-4.08b Mule5CMS6411
901991919-S Five Centavos5CMS6520
902001920 Five Centavos5CMS6520
902011921 Five Centavos5CMS64100
902021925-M Five Centavos5CMS64121
902031926-M Five Centavos5C 
902041927-M Five Centavos5CMS6710
902051928-M Five Centavos5CMS6680
902061930-M Five Centavos5CMS6610
902071931-M Five Centavos5CMS6540
902081932-M Five Centavos5CMS65150
902091934-M Five Centavos5CMS6520
902101935-M Five Centavos5CMS64123
902281937-M Five Centavos5CMS6640
902291938-M Five Centavos5C 
902301941-M Five Centavos5CMS64126
902311944 Five Centavos5CMS65153
902321944-S Five Centavos5CMS6770
902331945-S Five Centavos5CMS66120
902371903 Ten Centavos10CMS6571
902381903-S Ten Centavos10CMS6441
902391904 Ten Centavos10CMS6820
902401904-S Ten Centavos10CMS65112
902471907 Ten Centavos10CMS6741
902481907-S Ten Centavos10CMS6610
902491908-S Ten Centavos10CMS6543
902501909-S Ten Centavos10CMS6720
902521911-S Ten Centavos10CMS6440
902531912-S Ten Centavos10CMS6581
902541913-S Ten Centavos10CMS6610
902551914-S Ten Centavos10CMS6610
902561915-S Ten Centavos10CMS6521
902571917-S Ten Centavos10CMS6641
902581918-S Ten Centavos10CMS6720
902591919-S Ten Centavos10CMS6620
902601920 Ten Centavos10CMS6462
902611921 Ten Centavos10CMS65103
902621929-M Ten Centavos10CMS6562
902631935-M Ten Centavos10CMS6620
902791937-M Ten Centavos10CMS64109
902801938-M Ten Centavos10CMS6551
902811941-M Ten Centavos10CMS66111
902821944-D Ten Centavos10CMS6721
902831945-D Ten Centavos10CMS6791
4154081945-D/D Ten Centavos Allen 9.05a10C 
902881903 Twenty Centavos20CMS64113
902891903-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6620
902901904 Twenty Centavos20CMS6731
902911904-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6650
902921905-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6430
902991907 Twenty Centavos20CMS6610
903001907-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6434
903011908-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6342
903021909-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6422
903031910-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6431
903041911-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6410
903051912-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6432
903061913-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6710
903081914-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6411
903091915-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6411
903101916-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6630
903111917-S Twenty Centavos20CMS66+10
903121918-S Twenty Centavos20CMS65+11
903131919-S Twenty Centavos20CMS6456
903141920 Twenty Centavos20CMS6510
903151921 Twenty Centavos20CMS64167
903161928-M Twenty Centavos Mule20CMS6620
903171929-M Twenty Centavos20CMS6621
903311937-M Twenty Centavos20CMS65101
903321938-M Twenty Centavos20CMS6641
903331941-M Twenty Centavos20CMS6550
903341944-D Twenty Centavos20CMS66132
903351944-D/S Twenty Centavos Allen-12.04a20CMS6535
903361945-D Twenty Centavos20CMS67220A magnificently toned giant
903421903 Fifty Centavos50CMS6510
903441904 Fifty Centavos50CMS6661
903451904-S Fifty Centavos50CMS6610
903461905-S Fifty Centavos50CMS6441
903531907 Fifty Centavos50CMS6473
903541907-S Fifty Centavos50CMS6533
903551908-S Fifty Centavos50CMS6312
903561909-S Fifty Centavos50CMS6620
903571917-S Fifty Centavos50CMS6560
903581918-S Fifty Centavos50CMS6540
903591919-S Fifty Centavos50CMS6630
903601920 Fifty Centavos50CMS64101
903611921 Fifty Centavos50CMS6510
904091936-M Commonwealth Fifty Centavos50CMS65282
903751944-S Fifty Centavos50CMS66+13
903761945-S Fifty Centavos50CMS6760
903811903 One PesoPesoMS6482
903821903-S One PesoPesoMS6620
903831904 One PesoPesoMS65157
903841904-S One PesoPesoMS6510
903851905-S One PesoPesoMS6390
903871905-S One Peso Allen-16.06a Str. SerifPesoMS6310
903861906-S One PesoPesoMS6230
903931907-S One PesoPesoMS6720
903941908-S One PesoPesoMS6492
903951909-S One PesoPesoMS6720
903961910-S One PesoPesoMS6630
903971911-S One PesoPesoMS6720
903981912-S One PesoPesoMS65+12
904101936-M Roosevelt One PesoPesoMS66403
904111936-M Quezon One PesoPesoMS66162
903431903-S Fifty Centavos50C 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.

This collection not only speaks for itself but speaks for the owner's passion on the hobby and as an investment as well.
Posted @ 10/3/2007 7:16 AM By cesmas