Heavy Metal Presidential Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (2007-2016) - 8th

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Rank 8
Weighted GPA 66.643
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Set Rating 66.643
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Heavy Metal Presidential Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (2007-2016)
 ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1481052007-P George Washington$1MS6619436
1481062007-D George Washington$1MS6622302
1502182007-P John Adams$1MS6612884
1481082007-D John Adams$1MS66135310
1480562007-P Thomas Jefferson$1MS6750
1481102007-D Thomas Jefferson$1MS679170
1502272007-P James Madison$1MS67750
1481122007-D James Madison$1MS671590
3946512008-P James Monroe$1MS674669
3946582008-D James Monroe$1MS675326
3946652008-P John Quincy Adams$1MS66146168
3946662008-D John Quincy Adams$1MS66140446
3948542008-P Andrew Jackson$1MS67160
3948612008-D Andrew Jackson$1MS6566378
3948702008-P Martin Van Buren$1MS6658550
3948712008-D Martin Van Buren$1MS666689
4073752009-P William Henry Harrison$1MS671902
4073762009-D William Henry Harrison$1MS663896
4073892009-P John Tyler$1MS65257206
4073902009-D John Tyler$1MS65282133
4097172009-P James K. Polk $1MS6658678
4097182009-D James K. Polk $1MS664391
4097292009-P Zachary Taylor$1MS665230
4097302009-D Zachary Taylor $1MS663800
4172442010-P Millard Fillmore$1MS66183
4178642010-D Millard Fillmore$1MS661990
4178692010-P Franklin Pierce$1MS663450
4178682010-D Franklin Pierce$1MS662170
5043832010-P James Buchanan$1MS66244Weak Edge Lettering
4178722010-D James Buchanan$1MS661740
4172582010-P Abraham Lincoln$1MS66270
4178762010-D Abraham Lincoln$1MS663571
5065062011-P Andrew Johnson$1MS671865
5065132011-D Andrew Johnson$1MS671476
5065202011-P Ulysses S. Grant$1MS671714
5065212011-D Ulysses S. Grant$1MS671447
5065252011-P Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS68160
5065302011-D Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS68190
5065332011-P James Garfield$1MS671735
5065382011-D James Garfield$1MS671236
5120512012-P Chester Arthur$1MS68120
5120522012-D Chester Arthur$1MS68110
5120842012-P Grover Cleveland 22nd $1MS671475
5120622012-D Grover Cleveland 22nd$1MS671356
5120692012-P Benjamin Harrison$1MS671673
5120682012-D Benjamin Harrison $1MS671007
5120782012-P Grover Cleveland 24th $1MS671289
5120772012-D Grover Cleveland 24th$1MS671166
5176912013-P Theodore Roosevelt$1MS68160
5176942013-D Theodore Roosevelt$1MS671267
5176892013-P William Howard Taft$1MS68110
5176882013-D William Howard Taft$1MS671316
5176952013-P William McKinley$1MS6711910
5176982013-D William McKinley$1MS671174
5176852013-P Woodrow Wilson$1MS68140
5176842013-D Woodrow Wilson$1MS671389
5260772014-P $1 Warren G. Harding$1MS67300
5260812014-D $1 Warren G. Harding$1MS67642
5262932014-P $1 Calvin Coolidge$1MS67330
5262972014-D $1 Calvin Coolidge$1MS67844
  2014-P $1 Herbert Hoover $1 
5263062014-D $1 Herbert Hoover$1MS67682
  2014-P $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt$1 
5263012014-D $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt$1MS67660

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.