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New Jersey St. Patricks with Major Varieties (1663-1672): The Norweb Family

The Norweb Family - 2nd

Retired Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 44.889
Complete 80.00%
Set Rating 33.667
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About this set: From the Experts at PCGS
The vast majority of this type comes in horrible condition, often pitted and usually low grade. However, the Norwebs were able to ferret out some really impressive examples, like an About Uncirculated Farthing and a similarly graded Silver Farthing. What doesn’t show up here is their controversial Gold St. Patrick’s "Guinea," which (if included) would have made theirs the Finest Set of All Time.

About the Norweb Family Collection

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The Norweb Family
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherComments
42St. Patrick FarthingFarthAU50BN813PCGS grade. Ex. Baldwin (1963) Sold by Bowers & Merena Mar '88 Price R...
82St. Patrick Farthing HaloFarthVF3510Estimated grade. Ex. New Netherlands (1955) Sold by Bowers & Merena Mar '...
79St. Patrick Farthing No C HaloFarth 
45St. Patrick Farthing SilverFarthAU5005Estimated grade. Ex. Picker (1954) Sold by Bowers & Merena Mar '88 Pric...
46St. Patrick Halfpenny1/2 PXF40BN62Estimated grade. Ex. New Netherlands Sold by Bowers & Merena Mar '88 Pr...