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70321873-CC T$1T$1MS651010A completely original gem from the Vermeule collection. Full flowing luste...
70351874-CC T$1T$1MS661010Carter pedigree. Beautiful periphrial toning frames glowing golden surface...
70381875-CC T$1T$1MS661010Carter Pedigree. The finest Carson City trade dollar in existance. Partiall...
70421876-CC T$1T$1MS651010Eliasberg Pedigree. The rarest trade dollar in mint state, with this being ...
70451877-CC T$1T$1MS661010An amazing coin. The dies clashed and were repolished prior to striking th...
70471878-CC T$1T$1MS661010White and flashy, with a hint of periphrial toning. Full cartwheel luster. ...