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Rank 2
Weighted GPA 42.065
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 42.065
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About this set: From the Experts at PCGS
This is a short set, but almost all of the coins are rarities in their own right. The Norwebs best condition coin was a toss-up between the MS-63 Continental Dollar and the Choice Uncirculated Fugio Cent. Rarities include the 1785 Immune Columbia with a George III obverse and the 1785 Confederatio Copper with Small Circle reverse. Today, just about any of these coins would be centerpiece of a Colonial coin collection.

About the Norweb Family Collection

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The Norweb Family
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherComments
791Continental Curency $1MS621231Estimated grade. Ex. Hollinbeck (1958) Sold by Bowers & Merena Mar '88 ...
826Immune Columbia 1785 CopperImmColMS60BN00Estimated grade.
835Immune Columbia 1785 George IIIImmColXF40BN10Estimated grade. Ex. Parmelee; Brand; Mehl (1937) Sold by Bowers & Merena ...
838Immune Columbia 1785 Vermon Auctori ObvImmColG4BN00Estimated grade. Ex. Mehl (1937) Sold by Bowers & Merena Mar '88 Price ...
841Immune Columbia 1787 IMMUNIS COLUMBIA Eagle RevImmColMS60BN011 Estimated grade. Ex. Parmelee; Stickney; Chapman (1907) Sold by Bowers &...
846Confederatio Copper 1785 CopperXF40BN01Estimated grade. Sold by Bowers & Merena Mar '88 Price Realized $16500
858Confederatio Copper 1786 IMMUNIS COLUMBIA ImmColVF35BN01Estimated grade.
884Fugio CentFugioMS63RB2633Estimated grade. Sold by Bowers & Merena Nov '88 Price Realized $9350