The Whisker Cheek Collection - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 64.756
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 64.756
Retired Statistics (1/11/2008)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 64.094
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 64.094
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About this set: This set began after finding a "Whisker Cheek" in a roll of uncirculated coins.After realizing it was one of the finest known Top 50 Peace VAMs it has become a passion to complete the set with only coins that exhibit exceptional eye appeal.A real challenge but very rewarding with each new addition to the "Whisker Cheek Collection".
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The Whisker Cheek Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1337341921 Peace VAM 3 Line Thru L$1MS65110
1337351922 VAM 1A Line in Tiara$1MS6620
1337361922 VAM 1F Field Break$1MS6441
1337371922 VAM 2A Earring$1MS6451
1337381922 VAM 2C Extra Hair$1MS6530
1337391922 VAM 2E Wing Break$1MS6510
1337401922 VAM 2F Hair Pin$1MS64262
1337411922 VAM 4 Doubled Motto$1MS6531
1337421922 VAM 5 Tripled Leaves$1MS64121
1337431922 VAM 5A Scar Cheek$1MS6481
1337441922 VAM 6 Doubled Leaves$1MS64113
1337451922 VAM 7 Doubled Wing$1MS6610
1337461922 VAM 8 Doubled Tiara$1MS6471
1337471922 VAM 12A Moustache$1MS6510
1337481922-D VAM 3 Doubled Leaves$1MS6451
1337491922-D VAM 4 Doubled Motto$1MS6371
1337501922-D VAM 7 Tripled Reverse$1MS6354
1337511922-S VAM 3 Tripled Reverse$1AU58712
1337521923 VAM 1A Whisker Jaw$1MS6660
1337531923 VAM 1B Extra Hair$1MS6570
1337541923 VAM 1C Tail on O$1MS6471
1337551923 VAM 1D Whisker Cheek$1MS6491
1337561923 VAM 1E Broken Wing$1AU58824
1337571923 VAM 1F Chin Bar$1MS6620
1337581923 VAM 1-O Bar Wing$1MS64226
1337591923 VAM 2 Doubled Tiara$1MS6640
1337601923 VAM 3 Doubled Reverse$1MS6540
1337611923-D VAM 2 Doubled Eagle Head$1MS6510
1337621923-S VAM 1C Pitted Reverse$1MS6440
1337631924 VAM 1A Bar D$1MS631614
1337641924 VAM 8A Extra Hair$1MS6540
1337651924 VAM 2 Doubled Reverse$1MS6610
1337661924 VAM 5A Broken Wing$1MS64194
1337671924-S VAM 3 Doubled Reverse$1MS6450
1337681925 VAM 1A Tiara Die Gouge$1MS6650
1337691925 VAM 3 Doubled Shoulder$1MS6521
1337701925 VAM 1T (5) Missing Ray$1MS65110
1337711925-S VAM 2 Doubled Reverse$1MS6510
1337721925-S VAM 3 Doubled Wing$1MS64190
1337731926 VAM 2 Doubled Reverse$1MS6680
1337741926-S VAM 4 Dot Variety$1MS6551
1337751926-S VAM 5 Doubled Reverse$1MS6451
1337761927 VAM 2 Doubled Motto$1MS6540
1337771927-D VAM 2 Doubled Motto$1MS6550
1337781927-S VAM 3 Doubled Leaves$1MS64212
1337791928-S VAM 3 Doubled Motto$1MS64110
1337801934-D VAM 3 DD Obv Med D$1MS6630
1337811934-D VAM 4 DD Obv Sm D $1MS6450
1337821934-S VAM 3 Doubled Tiara$1MS6530
1337831935-S VAM 4 Doubled Reverse$1MS6560