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Canadian Complete Type Set, Special Strikes (1858-1967): The Oreville Collection

The Oreville Collection - 6th

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Rank 6
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 66.000
Complete 17.14%
Set Rating 13.570
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About this set: Love Canadian as well as my USA coins! I have many ICCS graded coins that I wished PCGS would slab with the ICCS 2x2 holder kept intact! What a low legal exposure idea for PCGS!

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The Oreville Collection
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Victoria One Cent   1C 
Edward VII One Cent  19081C 
George V One Cent Large   1C 
George V One Cent Small   1C 
George VI One Cent3040619371CSP65RB511132051937 Matte.
Elizabeth II One Cent   1C 
Victoria Five Cents310021875-H5CSP671091Norweb 1875-H LD 5c from the Bowers & Merena Norweb Sale in 1996.
Edward VII Five Cents   5C 
George V Five Cents Silver   5C 
George V Five Cents Nickel   5C 
George VI Five Cents3115619505CSP6412301123671950.
Elizabeth II Five Cents   5C 
Victoria Ten Cents313781875-H10CSP65111020Norweb 1875-H 10c from the Bowers & Merena Norweb Sale in 1996.
Edward VII Ten Cents   10C 
George V Ten Cents   10C 
George VI Ten Cents31516193710CSP651750113186PCGS green insert.
Elizabeth II Ten Cents   10C 
Victoria Twenty Cents  185820C 
Victoria Twenty-Five Cents317461875-H25CSP671277Norweb 1875-H 25c from the Bowers & Merena Norweb Sale in 1996.
Edward VII Twenty-Five Cents   25C 
George V Twenty-Five Cents   25C 
George VI Twenty-Five Cents   25C 
Elizabeth II Twenty-Five Cents   25C 
Victoria Fifty Cents   50C 
Edward VII Fifty Cents32126190850C 
George V Fifty Cents   50C 
George VI Fifty Cents   50C 
Elizabeth II Fifty Cents   50C 
George V Dollars   S$1 
George VI Dollars   S$1 
Elizabeth II Dollars   S$1 
Edward VII Sovereigns326451908-CSov 
George V Sovereigns326621911-CSov 
George V Five Dollars326751912$5 
George V Ten Dollars326881912$10