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1936 Mint Set: Tom Mershon

Tom Mershon - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 67.543
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 67.543
Retired Statistics (1/23/2012)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 67.400
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 67.400
Tom Mershon
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
26501936 1C1CMS67RD2581725817 
26531936-D 1C1CMS67RD13351335 
26561936-S 1C1CMS67RD591591 
39771936 5C5CMS671131011310 
39781936-D 5C5CMS67673673 
39791936-S 5C5CMS67792792 
49991936 10C10CMS68FB172172 
50011936-D 10C10CMS68FB9090 
50031936-S 10C10CMS68FB3030 
58001936 25C25CMS67796796 
58011936-D 25C25CMS661423514235 
58021936-S 25C25CMS67503503 
65981936 50C50CMS671531515315 
65991936-D 50C50CMS67352352 
66001936-S 50C50CMS662872228722 
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