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$3 Gold Basic Set, Proof (1854-1889): Ed Trompeter

Ed Trompeter - 4th

Retired Statistics
Rank 4
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 64.444
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 64.444
%DCAM 2.78%
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Ed Trompeter
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherComments
80171854$3PR650000Estimated grade. Ex Jenks, Clapp, Eliasberg.
80181855$3PR630100Estimated grade. Ex North Carolina Family, Paramount.
80191856$3PR630100Estimated grade.
80201857$3PR651011Estimated grade. Ex Boyd, Pierce, Jay, Ullmer, Raroca, Auction '82, Buss.
80211858$3PR630200Estimated grade.
80221859$3PR630200Estimated grade. Ex Jewett, Clapp, Eliasberg.
80231860$3PR631518Estimated grade. Ex Ely, Woodward, Garrett.
80241861$3PR651011Estimated grade. Ex Guttag Bros., Garrett, Ebsen.
80251862$3PR660000Estimated grade. Ex Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Auction '79.
80261863$3PR645256Estimated grade.
80271864$3PR652021Estimated grade.
80281865$3PR653033Estimated grade. Ex Ullmer.
80291866$3PR642023Estimated grade. Ex Woodin, Clapp, Eliasberg.
80301867$3PR644143Estimated grade.
80311868$3PR651011Estimated grade.
80321869$3PR652025Estimated grade. Ex Detroit, Clapp, Eliasberg.
80331870$3PR651011Estimated grade.
80341871$3PR650000Estimated grade.
80351872$3PR651011Estimated grade.
80371873$3PR6453510Estimated grade.
80381874$3PR647175Estimated grade.
80391875$3PR650000Estimated grade. Ex Pierce, Jay, Ullmer, Freeman, Auction '81.
80401876$3PR660000Estimated grade. Ex Carter.
80411877$3PR652022Estimated grade.
80421878$3PR651216Estimated grade.
80431879$3PR6311110Estimated grade.
80441880$3PR651015Estimated grade.
80451881$3PR6551510Estimated grade.
80461882$3PR652025Estimated grade.
80471883$3PR6610111Estimated grade.
80481884$3PR6572712Estimated grade.
80491885$3PR642892830Estimated grade.
80501886$3PR642272240Estimated grade.
80511887$3PR6596929Estimated grade.
980521888$3PR66DC1011PCGS grade. Pedigreed 2/23/11.
80531889$3PR643463429Estimated grade.