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1981 Mint Set: Meant to be Spent

Meant to be Spent - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Weighted GPA 67.769
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Set Rating 67.769
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About this set: Please let me know if you have a super high end coin for sale that could possibly improve this set (even if same grade as what I have).

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Meant to be Spent
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
30431981 1C 1CMS67RD581My submission. Roll from Glenn Antrim. Best of about 6 ms67rd's I got graded. One of my nicest bronze Lincolns period. Looks ms68rd. Picture doesn't do it justice.
30371981-D 1C 1CMS67RD450My submission. Best of 21 ms67rds I got graded from 2 boxes of 100 rolls each purchased from Chris Merrill.
841061981-P 5C 5CMS66FS50Ex Just Having Fun Collection. Purchased from Wondercoin and best of the two JHF owned. Definitely one of the top 2 1981-p nickels known. Only about 50 are known with full steps in any grade!
841071981-D 5C 5CMS66FS350Steve from the pcgs coin forum. Best of 3 ms66fs's I've owned.
851591981-P 10C 10CMS67FB992 
851601981-D 10C 10CMS68FB160Ebay
59101981-P 25C 25CMS6790Alan Hager
59111981-D 25C 25CMS67250Heritage
67391981-P 50C 50CMS67250Ex Michigan Collection. Best of 3 ms67's I've owned including the Richard Green coin.
67401981-D 50C 50CMS67230Ex Lindemann Collection
95781981-P SBA$ SBA$1MS67170TNFC. Full Talons. Best of the 2 they had for sale.
95791981-D SBA$ SBA$1MS67850joeyuk from the pcgs coin forum.
95801981-S SBA$ SBA$1MS6720Ex DRG Collection. Purchased from James Sego Rare Coins. The 1981 Susan B Anthony Dollars were included in mint sets only. The S's had to be shipped to Denver to be included in the Denver packet. A bumpy road along the way possibly contributed to these coins getting much more banged up than the P and D counterparts. It's estimated that it takes 1500-2000 mint sets to find an ms66, probably 100 times that to find an ms67. And the coins out of the 3 coin SBA mint sets are usually even worse. This coin is a freak for the date with booming luster and well hidden flaws. It was originally found by clad coin expert Rob Anglemier, then owned by DRG and then Murphy.
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