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Early Dollars Die Variety Set by Bolender & Bowers/Borckardt, Circulation Strikes (1794-1803): Hesselgesser Collection

Hesselgesser Collection - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Weighted GPA 51.647
Complete 83.47%
Set Rating 40.125
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Weighted GPA 50.996
Complete 85.59%
Set Rating 40.260
R.Hesselgesser's Sets

About this set: The Hesselgesser Bust Dollar Collection is historically significant in that the quality of these first silver dollars struck by the U.S. Mint is amazing. The current collection contains 107 of the known 118 varieties, many of which are the finest known. This is notable because the variety series for early U.S. dollars is difficult to obtain in grades of Extremely Fine or higher. The Hesselgesser Collection has 82 coins in About Uncirculated grade and 12 MS coins for a total of 94 out of 107 varieties in AU or higher grades. An amazing 100 coins qualify as condition census according to the Bowers-Borckardt silver dollar book or more recent references. The originality of these coins is remarkable in toning, luster and overall eye appeal while adjustment marks are minimal.

Hesselgesser Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
399721794 B1, BB-1$1  
399901795 B-3, BB-11 2 Leaves$1AU551011B-3,BB-11 Silver Plug, 2 Leaves. Rare in plug, R6-7? R5, unplugged. PCGS AU55(CAC). This is ex. Garrett and Cardinal and is the finest BB-11 specimen Plugged or unplugged! This coin is uncirculated and at least MS63 or higher. Original beautiful toning with obvious plug! Est.Pop 50-75 for all grades. Head of '94. Beware of typical flat type stars seen in all BB-11, BB-12 and BB13. Grading services rarely take this into consideration when grading these varieties! This specmen actually shows 6 stars which are not flat, the only coin I have seen to show stars of this quality in the BB11-BB-13 series!
399791795 B-11, BB-12 2 Leaves$1XF401010B-11, BB-12 2 Leaves. This is a Rare R7. PCGS EF40 (CAC). The story about this coin is an amazing set of coincidences. I found this coin in a foreign auction by taking the catalogue after Ira Goldberg had thrown it away. I took the catalogue home and when I discovered this coin in the back of the auction catalogue, I couldn't beleive my eyes. Here was the famous rare BB-12 which coincidentally I was being offered a PCGSVF35 BB-12 for $50,000 by Harry Laibstein to review at Long Beach the same day this coin was to be auctioned off in England. I woke up at 4AM and managed with the help of one of Ira's contacts to purchase it for ~5000 Lbs, a real steal!! My coin is from an Old Irish Collection. This coin is most likely the #1 Cond.Censis for this Rare variety and is not weak on the right obverse seen on most other specimens. Should grade AU50. Est. Pop.7-12!
399801795 B-9, BB-13 2 Leaves$1AU551010B-9,BB-13 2 Leaves. Cert.#16294761 is an AU55 (CAC)PCGS #39980 (No Silver Plug). Cert.#16294760 is an AU 53 PCGS#39991 B-9,BB-13 with Silver Plug. Both in CC(Cond. censis) statis. Both beautifully toned. Note the nonplugged coin shows an obverse die clash and on close examination has an obvious plug seen on the obverse. R3 unplugged. SHOULD GRADE AU58-MS60. ?R6-7 in plugged sub-variety. Est.Pop.300-400 coins. Head of '94.
399921795 B-4, BB-14 2 Leaves$1VF2012110 
399821795 B-8, BB-15 2 Leaves$1  
399831795 B-20, BB-16 2 Leaves$1VF351010B-20, BB-16 2 Leaves. This R8 is the finest known BB-16 and the only one gradeable. The other two are damaged. The obverse is seen on the BB-18 and BB-17 and the reverse die is used on the BB-15. #1 CC of only 3 known specimens.
399841795 B-18, BB-17 2 Leaves$1  
399731795 B-7, BB-18 3 Leaves$1AU581123 
399741795 B-19, BB-19 3 Leaves$1  
399851795 B-2, BB-20 2 Leaves$1AU531010B-2,BB-20 2 Leaves. Nicely toned, high grade specimen. R3. Est.Pop.300-500 coins. Head of '95. No plugs known. CC coin.
399861795 B-1, BB-21 2 Leaves$1AU585353B-1 BB-21 2 Leaves. PCGS AU58 (CAC). R2. Est.Pop. 1000-2000 coins. Rare by most standards but considered the most common 2 leaf variety and the second most common FH dollar after the BB27, a 3 leaf variety. Head of'95. Perhaps a dozen or more Uncs. are known. This coin is MS62 in my opinion. Plug and unplugged varieties exist.
399871795 B-10, BB-22 2 Leaves$1AU582020B-10,BB-22 2 Leaves. Finest known BB-22. Was NGCMS61. Crossed to PCGS AU58 (CAC). Martin Logies and I agree that this coin has a elliptical plug most clearly seen on the reverse. The curved half circle found between the eagle's head and left wing is the only defect on the reverse, consistent with a plug. Not known to have a plug but this variety was struck just after the BB21, a known plugged variety! How does an MS coin get a curved defect in this protected spot?? This coin is an MS61-62 in my opinion and is the highest graded for this R7 variety. Est.Pop.10-20 coins. Number 1 in CC. Great luster and strike for this golden toned beauty.
399881795 B-16, BB23 2 Leaves$1  
399891795 B-13, BB-24 2 Leaves$1MS621111B-13 BB-24 2 Leaves. This rare BB-24, MS-62 is the finest known, Ex.Baldenhofer- Ostheimer specimen. There is one other high grade specimen but initials were removed. I waited 4 years for this beauty and I consider the price of $77,750 a bargain. The luster is more subdued in this photo than usual true view photos. R6. 30-50 coins est. #1 CC.
399751795 B-6, BB-25 3 Leaves$1  
1483001795 B-6, BB-25 Missing Leaf$1  
399761795 B-12, BB-26 3 Leaves$1XF401111B-12,BB-26 3 Leaves. Hard to find in EF or higher grade. Note the so called rim nicks seen on both Obv. and Rev.(Reverse more noticable). This is caused by the edge device being off center in the coin with the die crack coming up from the rim through the 7 into the Bust, Known as Bolender die state 12a( Bowers-Die State-II). This coin has exceptional blue iridescent toning and I grade it AU50 and would take it over the Bowers' plate coin graded as PCGS-AU55 which has adjustment marks on the obverse bust and at 2 o'clock. R5. Est Pop. 100-150 coins. High CC coin. Head of 1795. No plugs known.
399771795 B-5, BB-27 3 Leaves$1AU582323B-5,BB-27 3 Leaves. Ex. Garrett coin (Lot 679-Sale2). Spectacular Luster with beautiful overall golden toning. This coin was sold at the ANA 7/08 Heritage Auction and then purchased by me from Don Willis on the same day. I truly believe this coin is more perfect than most MS63's or 64's. I had two graded 64's (Both BB-27) to compare with this coin. This coin was better. The coin was in a green PCGS55 holder and sold for $77500! Now it is in a PCGS58 holder but still is undergraded. See for yourself! Common variety. R1. Est.Pop. 2000-3000 coins. Note the 1893's' has more coins graded by PCGS (close to 4070 coins) than the BB27 (less than 1300)! For Unc. coins compare 35-MS Morgan 1893'S' to 20-MS 1795 FH for all varieties of 3 leaf! I grade my current coin MS-64-65! No plugs known although one was holdered as a plug. The consensus is that this is a mistake!
1478121795 B-21, BB-28 2 Leaves$1  
1478111795 B-22, BB-29 3 Leaves$1  
399961795 B-14, BB-51 O/C Draped Bust$1AU582121B-14,BB-51 O/C Dr.Bust. CC coin. Great luster! R1. Est.1400-2200 coins in existence.
399951795 B-15, BB-52 Draped Bust$1MS612222B-15,BB-52 Dr.Center Bust. CC coin! Could be MS63! Great toning, strike and luster. R2. About 2/3 that of B-51 Pop. or 1000-1600 coins in all grades.
400001796 B-4, BB-61 Small Date Large Letters$1AU552121B-4,BB-61,SmDtLgLt. CC coin! Nice luster. R2.Est.Pop.800-1500 coins.
399971796 B-3, BB-62 Small Date Small Letters$1F151111B-3,BB-62 SmDtSmLt. CC coin! Only TWO specimens recorded and this was the graded VF25 NGC coin, the second finest Known! Nicely toned. Many dollar experts thought this variety didn't exist as was the position of Jules Reiver in his book, "The United States EARLY SILVER DOLLARS 1794 to 1803" published in 1999! Page 29, "Now I am going to stick my neck out. I am saying that it does not exist." Jules Reiver had been looking for this coin, known to be a mule of the Obverse BB-61(B-4) with the Reverse of BB-63(B-2) or BB-66(B-1), for 30 years! Although reported by Bolender, no photo had ever been recorded and even in Bolender's Fourth edition it was stated that, "Most experts now question whether this variety actually exist." Note Obverse Die Dote above 1 in date (BB61) and on Reverse - berry under A in STATES (BB63 or BB-66)! This should be a VF25-30. R8!
399981796 B-2, BB-63 Small Date Small Letters$1VF351212B-2,BB-63. Great natural toning.PCGS VF35 (CAC) Weak strike usual. I think this is better than VF35. Martin Logis and I give it an AU50+. R4. Should be in CC. Est.Pop.175-300 coins.
400011796 B-6, BB-64 Small Date Large Letters$1  
400021796 B-5, BB-65 Large Date Small Letters$1AU553232B-5,BB-65 LgDtSmLt. Nice Rose Toning. PCGS AU55+ (CAC). R2/3. Est.Pop.500-1000 coins.
399991796 B-1, BB-66 Small Date Small Letters$1AU581010B-1,BB-66 SmDtSmLt. This is one of the finest known B-1,BB-66 Small Date,Small Letter Small Eagle Dollars. Great strike, luster and color. PCGS AU58 (CAC). One or two in the condition censis statis. Highest graded PCGS for this variety. R4. Est.Pop.150-250 coins.
400041797 B-3, BB-71 10X6 Stars$1AU583232 
400051797 B-2, BB-72 9x7 Small Letters$1AU531010B-2,BB-72.9x7 Stars with small lettered reverse. This is the rarest variety of 1797's. Quite rare in AU in fact this must be high in the CC. The coin is always a weak strike especially the reverse. This coin is exceptional for this variety and unlike most has LUSTER and pizazz. I bought this from a Bowers and Merena Auction Aug. 2008! I was fortunate that at the auction no one picked it up and I bought it after the sale. I am pleased with the beautiful golden toning. R4. Est. Pop.150-250 coins. CC#2-3
400031797 B-1, BB-73 9X7 Large Letters$1AU555454B-1,BB-73 Stars9x7, LgLt. R2/3. Great strike and luster. Minor adjustment mark on neck. Was NGC AU58 and this should carry over. Est.Pop.400-1000 coins.
400071798 B-2, BB-81 Small Eagle 15 Stars$1AU55+1313B-2,BB-81 SE-15 Stars. CC coin! Nice luster. R3. Est.Pop.400-700 coins
400061798 B-1, BB-82 Small Eagle 13 Stars$1XF453636B-1,BB-82 Small Eagle-13 Stars. Great color and pizazz. Usual softness of strike. Better grade? I think so. R2/3. Est.Pop.450-900 coins.
400091798 B-32, BB-91 5 Lines$1MS611010This is the only Mint State (PCGS MS 61) B-32,BB-91 known to exist and was purchased as a raw, albeit uncirculated coin from Stacks in 2006. CC#1, finest known. Found in San Marino Collection as Lot 501! R7! Est.Pop.10-15 coins.
400101798 B-4, BB-92 5 Lines$1XF451111B-4,BB-92, 5 Lines in Shield. PCGS XF45 (CAC). CC coin! R4. Est.Pop.150-250 coins.
400131798 B-5, BB-93 Knob 9$1XF451111B-5,BB-93. Note characteristic horizontal die crack on reverse. Great strike and color. My grade for this magnificent coin is AU50-53. This is a CC coin (most likely 3 or 4),ex.San Marino Lot 475. R6 coin. Est.Pop.30-40 coins.
400141798 B-3, BB-94 Knob 9$1AU502121B-3,BB-94. Great color and high in CC statis. Characteristic weakly struck reverse. R4/5. Est.Pop.70-120 coins. Hard to find EF & above.I grade this AU53-55
400151798 B-7, BB-95 Knob 9$1XF401111B-7 BB-95. I feel this coin is at least an EF45 and is a CC coin even at an EF40! R5/ Est.Pop.60-85 coins
400111798 B-6, BB-96 5 Lines$1AU502424B-6 BB-96, 5 Lines in shield. CC coin! Wonderful Luster and great natural toning! PCGSAU50. Despite weak central reverse as is often seen this specimen still approaches AU55. R3. Est.Pop.400-700 coins.
400171798 B-17, BB-101 5 Lines$1AU532020B-17 BB-101 5 Lines in shield. Strong AU53 (must respect this variety). R5. High CC coin (1 or 2). A true AU is an extreme rarity. Obverse die shattered early - note multiple obverse cracks on this coin. Est.Pop.30-50 coins
400191798 B-20, BB-102 Wide Date$1AU581010B-20 BB-102. Rare Variety and is the finest known. Note early die state III with beginning Cud at 6 o'clock on reverse below tail. This coin was bought from Harry Laibstein in a PCGS AU55 holder. We both agreed it should upgrade even to an MS62. The price was paid. The toning is totally original and the strike is the best I have seen for this variety(even has feathers on the eagles breast with a complete Motto). Dave Perkins thinks this could be the coin sold in 1945 and not photograghed in the World's Greatest Collection, F.C.C.Boyd. Although listed as an AU50 #1 in Bower's book, no one saw the coin and in the description in 1945 it was described as "barely circulated. Cabinet Friction on high spots." R4/5. R5 by Perkins. Est. Pop.60-100 coins. Top CC coin (#1 by far). Nice golden toning with incredible luster. This was upgraded to an AU58 PCGS on the first submission!
400201798 B-18, BB-103 Wide Date$1  
400211798 B-22, BB-104 Wide Date$1MS611010B-22 BB-104 Wide Date. 1798 Possibly the finest 1 or 2 specimen known. Great luster and nice even golden toning. R4. Est. pop. 100-250 coins.
400221798 B-23, BB-105 Wide Date$1AU581010B-23,BB-105 Wide Date. PCGS AU58 (CAC). Note stars on obverse are sharp and reverse has some flatness as is customary. R2. Low CC Est.Pop.700-1200 coins.
400231798 B-19, BB-106 Wide Date$1AU532020B-19 BB-106 Great Luster and Toning. probably in top 3 forCC. R4/5. Est.Pop.70-125 coins.
400241798 B-21, BB-107 10 Arrows$1AU581010B-21 BB-107, 10 Arrows. Possibly the finest known. Although graded AU58, this coin is UNC - MS63. Beautifully toned with exceptionally clean surfaces. R5. High CC coin. Est.Pop.30-50 coins.
400251798 B-13, BB-108 10 Arrows$1AU552222B-13,BB-108 10 Arrow Reverse. Nice original toning and luster. R3 Est.Pop.400-600 ooins.
400261798 B-20, BB-109 Wide Date$1XF451212B-10 BB-109. Arc star pattern on reverse. PCGS EF45 (CAC). This coin has an amazing strike. BB-109 is usually always weak in the center on both obv. and rev. This coin should easily be qualify for mid CC Est.Pop.40-100 coins. R-5.
400271798 B-16, BB-110 Wide Date$1AU501212B-16 BB-110. High R6. This obverse die cracked early and therefore a limited number of coins survived. Some estimates are 30-50 coins exist. Only one or two coins are known to exist in die state I (no obverse crack seen). This present high grade beauty has the no die crack (die state I) unlike the more common Die State II. Very rare in AU grade and in die state I. CC 2-4.
400281798 B-11, BB-111 Close Date$1XF453131B-11 BB-111. Very Rare early Die State I. One of the best strikes considering the Obverse die crack which caused the coin to fail. #1 Specimen listed in Bower's Borchardt Book. CC coin R3 Est.Pop.300-400 coins.
400291798 B-15, BB-112 Wide Date$1AU580100B-15,BB-112, Pointed Tail 9. PCGS AU58 (CAC)! Typical weak strike centrally in both Obverse and Reverse. Lapped die state with smaller stars. Mottled golden toning and nice eye appeal for this variety. R3. Est.Pop.250-350 coins. In Top 3 CC.
400301798 B-27, BB-113 Close Date$1AU551313B-27,BB-113. Great strike and luster for this variety. R2. Est.Pop.500-750 coins. Mid in CC.
400311798 B-26, BB-114 Close Date$1AU551212B-26,BB-114. Another lustrous coin with great eye appeal. #2 coin in Cond. Censis. High R5. Est.Pop.30-45 coins.
400321798 B-31, BB-115 Close Date$1AU502525 
400331798 B-30, BB-116 Close Date$1AU502121B-30,BB-116. Pointed nine, 4 vertical lines. Rare variety. Super tough in high grade - PCGS AU50 (CAC)! I bought this unsually toned coin in a raw state out of a superior auction in 2005. It seems to have apparently been wrapped in a newspaer and has print letters embossed on the coin from toning. These can be read by placing the coin up to a mirror. It appears to say, "drape", "Spec" and " turban". At the bottom on the neck the letters ST appear. This is one of my favorite coins plus being a rare BB-116 in a condition censis stateI I sent the coin initially to NGC where it received a AU53 BB-117! I was quite happy until I realized they had made a mistake - the coin was not the R8 BB-117 but was a BB-116. When I crossed my entire set to PCGS they DOWNGRADED it to an AU50. Alas no justice. Gorgeous multicolored rainbow toning. R4/5. Est.Pop. 60-100 Coins.
400341798 B-33, BB-117 Close Date$1  
400351798 B-28, BB-118 Close Date$1AU501111B-28,BB-118 Wow! High CC coin with wonderful toning and eye appeal. This is the 6th time this Obverse Die has been used and it has almost reach it's terminal state seen in BB-119. My grade is AU58. R3. Est.Pop.275-400 coins.
400361798 B-29, BB-119 Close Date$1XF402222B-29,BB-119. PCGS EF 40. Go back to BB-118 (#16207467) to truly appreciate that great coin. Now we have this obverse die used for the 7th and final time. One can see the deterioration on the right and left side, Stars 1-7 & 8-13. This is better than XF40, great luster and natural color. ?AU50-55, mainly due to strike. R4. Est.Pop.75-150 coins. Much more difficult to find in any grade!
400371798 B-12, BB-120 Close Date$1XF451414B12, BB-120. Pointed 9, 4 vertical lines. Rare Terminal die state. Graded as EF45 but in reality is AU condition. R4 but this die state is very rare. Est.Pop.100-200 coins.
400381798 B-9, BB-121 Close Date$1AU552121B-9,BB-121. Maybe the finest known of this R5. PCGS AU55 (CAC). Ex Cardinal Collection. Great strike, color, and luster. Try and find one better. High CC. R5. Est.Pop. 75-150 coins.
400391798 B-14, BB-122 Close Date$1AU552020B-14,BB-122. This coin is the earliest die state known to exist. NGC graded the coin AU58. PC obviously downgraded it perhaps for the weak stars on the right (Try to find one better)! But the amazing aspect of this coin is the stars being complete on the left. Most varieties have missing stars on the left secondary to an early die clash with development of a crack from the 1st star to the L in Liberty. This allowed numerous subvarieties to develope with missing stars on the left. R3. Est.Pop.300-425 coins. High CC (top 3).
400401798 B-25, BB-123 Close Date$1AU551010B-25,BB-123. Nice example of "Blundered Star Reverse." Very rare Die State II. Good luster. R3(Perkins feels this is R4) Est.Pop.150-350 coins. High in CC. Please keep in mind this Est.number of coins reflect all coins in this die variety therefore assume 50-70% will not holder as PCGS or NGC coins due to mishandling, cleaning, or damage!
400411798 B-24, BB-124 Wide Date$1AU552020B-24,BB-124. Nice luster. Weak in center and left stars is common. R2. Est.Pop. 600-1200 coins. Probably low in CC.
400421798 B-8, BB-125 4 Berries$1AU552020B-8,BB-125. Nice luster. Weak in left stars is common. Nice luster. High grade rare. R2. Est.Pop. 600-1200 coins. Probably low in CC.
5419301798 B-34, BB-126 Wide Date$1  
400641799/8 B-3, BB-141 15 Stars$1MS622121B-3,BB-141, 15 Starred Reverse 1799/8. Nice PCGSMS62 (CAC) with beautiful color and luster. Was an MS62 NGC and crossed. Not a rare variety but still very popular due to the unusual 15 starred reverse and being an overdate. R2. Est.Pop.800-1200 coins. A CC coin.
400651799/8 B-1, BB-142 13 Stars$1MS62+1010B-1,BB-142, 13 Starred Reverse 1799/8. This exceptional ex. Col. Green Specimen is listed in Bowers as tied for 3rd finest known but may be higher. Both NGC and PCGS grade it MS62 BUT PC GAVE IT A + AND (CAC) ADDED A STICKER! Weakly struck centrally on obverse and reverse is typical for this Die State III. Beautiful iridescent blue, lustrous toning is noted. R2(R4- Perkins) Est.Pop.150-250 coins. High CC.
400661799/8 B-2, BB-143 13 Stars$1AU553030B-2,BB-143, 13 Starred Reverse 1799/8. PCGS AU 55 (CAC). Wonderful strike, toning, and luster. Third and rarest of the overdates. R3(R4-Perkins). Est.Pop.200-450 coins. Low CC coin, i.e.?5or6.
400441799 B-13, BB-151 Irregular Date$1XF401212B-13,BB-151, Irregular Date. R5 and the rarest variety of this date (1799). This magnificent coin is better than its grade and probably is the 2nd finest, "Stack's 1987: 779 "AU" and choice. Perfectly centered and struck. Mint lustre beneath pink and iridescent toning." mentioned in Bowers' Encyclopedia on Silver Dollars book. All coins of this variety are weakly struck in the center on the Reverse. A ray of star 13 touches the bust. Reverse die dot (rust) above E in STATES. Est.Pop.40-75 coins
400451799 B-15, BB-152 Irregular Date$1  
400621799 B-4, BB-153 15 Stars Irregular Date$1AU531212B-4,BB-153, 15 Star Reverse, Irregular Date. PCGS AU53. Great luster and toning. AU examples are rare. This is an AU58 by my estimation. This is in CC. R3. Est.Pop.300-500 coins.
400461799 B-18, BB-154$1AU553131BB-18,BB-154. Was NGC58 but downgraded by PCGS to AU 55 (CAC). I love the color and feel the coin in even unc. Great eye appeal and toning. Slightly weak on reverse but hey after looking at enough varieties you realize this is fairly common in a deteriorating die as seen on this reverse (BB-154). Anyone for MS62?. R5. Est.Pop.50-75 coins. Rare in high grade. High in CC
400471799 B-19, BB-155$1AU533232B-19,BB-155. Nice strike and wonderful toning. PCGS AU 53 (CAC). CC coin. Most in VF-EF. Obverse used in BB-154 & BB-155 only. R5. Est.Pop.60-90 coins. Note-multiple die cracks on obverse (@ Star 1, 2, 3 and date) leading to termination of die. I feel this coin is an MS62
400481799 B-7, BB-156$1AU531212B-7,BB-156. Hard to find in high grade with a decent strike! This is the best one over the last 6 years! R4-5 Est.Pop.100-200 coins
400491799 B-5, BB-157$1MS621111 
400501799 B-16, BB-158$1AU583131B-16,BB-158, Close 17 Obverse. Obverse used only on this variety. This magnificently toned pink with rainbow rims is the best strike on all my coins. For shear beauty, strike, and luster this is MS63 or better! Star under cloud one is noticeably smaller than any other. Die State I. R2.Est.Pop.800-1200 coins. CC is high?
400631799 B-23, BB-159 8X5 Stars$1  
400511799 B-12, BB-160$1AU551212B-12,BB-160. Weak strike with colorful toning and multiple die breaks on obverse. High grade and probably in CC, although this is a more common variety. No berry reverse. R2. Est.Pop.650-1000 coins. Should be MS62.
400521799 B-11, BB-161$1  
400531799 B-6, BB-162$1MS621111B-6,BB-162. An exceptional coin with great toning and luster. The finest known according to the Bowers-Borchardt book, the Chaukley Specimen graded MS-63 in the book. It was in an NGC holder as an MS63 but alas PCGS downgraded it to an MS62. For now this is OK for my set but I truly believe it is better than a 62 or even 63! It is interesting to note that my first collection of early dollars was the mainstay of the Chaukley sale(Superior-1990), some 70+ coins including the best of the 1794's (2 1794 coins were in the sale). I always regretted selling my early dollar collection and when I finally discovered the Bowers-Borchardt Book with decent photos, unlike Bolender's book, I restarted my collecting of BB varieties! When was this? Answer - June 2005! This R4 has an Est.Pop. of probably 150-225. I had a difficult time finding this variety! Maybe R5?
400541799 B-10, BB-163$1AU58+1111B-10,BB-163. AU58. Exceptional eye appeal with fabulous natural toning and luster. Was held by a knowledgable dollar collector for over 15 years before he sold it to me at a premier sum. I still think the coin is a slam dunk MS63! PCGS AU58+ (CAC). Should be CC but too many MS coins graded already exist in BB-163 to make this a CC coin. R1-2. Est.Pop.1000-1500 coins.
400551799 B-17, BB-164$1MS621111B-17, BB-164 1799 WOW! Try to find a nicer MS Early Dollar. Golden rich toning and an magnificent strike. R2. Est.Pop. 500-750 coins. In top CC.(Probably #1). Should be MS 65!
400561799 B-8, BB-165$1MS62+2020B-8,BB-165. Great color with PL surfaces and wonderful luster. Normal design. PCGS MS62+(CAC) and thus high CC coin. Late die state and thus weak Reverse! R3. Est.Pop.600-1000 coins.
400571799 B-9, BB-166$1AU583030B-9,BB-166. Great toning and strike with pizazz. Normal design. Apostrophe after final S in STATES usually seen. R1. Est.Pop.1000-1500 coins.
400581799 B14, BB-167$1AU582020B-14,BB-167. Pleasing toned in golden hues. Nicely struck PCGSAU58. R3. Est.Pop.400-650 coins.
400591799 B-22 BB-168$1AU501010B-22,BB-168. This coin is noted for a reverse horizontal die break causing its ultimate demise. R-3/4. Est.Pop.200-400 coins. This coin is in high CC. Very Rare in EF and above.
400601799 B-21, BB-169$1AU582020B-21,BB-169. Normal Design. Most in lower grades through EF. AU or finer is rare. PCGSAU58 (CAC). Exceptional luster. R3. Est.Pop. 450-800 coins. In middle CC statis.
400671800 B-1, BB-181$1AU551010B-1,BB-181. 180 close in date. A scarce date and very rare in EF and above. This is a high CC within top 2. Beautiful golden toning with excellent strike unlike most with typical weak central strikes. Strike and luster alone makes this specimen an AU58! Est.Pop.90-150 coins. R5
400681800 B-2 BB-182$1VF351111B-2,BB-182. The third rarest 1800 dollar. PCGSVF35 (CAC). Medium wide date. R6. Est.Pop.40-70 coins. CC mid @3-5.
400691800 B-3, BB-183$1N10300 
400701800 B-12, BB-184$1AU503333B-12,BB-184, close date, reverse of 1799. The typical grade is up to a VF. XF are rare and AU are most likely CC coins. Graded PCGS AU50. I believe this coin is a minimum AU55 with an incredible golden toning on a PL surface. R3. Est.Pop.250-450 coins
400711800 B-20 BB-185$1XF451111B-20,BB-185. R7! Believed to be the RAREST of the 1800 varieties. This is the Plate Coin in Bowers book! Est.Pop. 10-30 coins. This is near top (1 or 2) of CC statis. The upper right star (8th) in a position similar to the 1804 dollar, with two points almost touching the Y. This variety has been used according to Bolender at least twice (~10% of Population) to fabricate an 1804 dollar making this variety even harder to fine! Obverse used only in B-20, BB-185! Reverse seen in BB-185, BB-186, and BB-187.
400721800 B-4, BB-186$1AU551111B-4,BB-186. Nice pleasing coin. Good luster. Hard to find in high grade. Usual weak reverse. Mid CC coin. R4. Est.Pop.150-250 coins.
400731800 B-16, BB-187$1  
400741800 B-8, BB-188$1AU532121B-8,BB-188. A downgraded NGC AU55. In this case strike and luster still make this at least an AU55. Good strike and great color. Hard date to find in high condition. Low CC coin. R4. Est.Pop.150-250 coins
400751800 B-5 BB-189$1XF453232B-5,BB-189. Normal design. Rare in XF. Almost impossible in AU and above. this coin is mid CC. Great luster, color, and strike ?AU? R5. Est.Pop.100-175 coins.
400761800 B-10, BB-190 Wide Date$1AU583131B-10, BB-190, WIde Date and 8 too low. PCGSAU58 (CAC). Absolutely spectacular color and luster for this same obverse used in the rare B-11, BB191. R3. Est.Pop.400-600 coins.
400811800 B-11, BB-191 Americai$1AU502222B-11,BB-191, Americai, Wide Date, Low 8. Great coin for this mod. rare variety (the rarer of the two Americai). PCGSAU50 (CAC). Should grade AU53. Middle to high CC. R4(Perkins says R5). Est.Pop.150-300 coins.
400821800 B-19, BB-192 Americai$1MS611111This B-19,BB-192 is one of the finest known Americai bust dollars. It came out of an old private collection in the Mid West (held for 40 years) before it was sold and made an MS61 on the first and only submission to PCGS. There is one other at MS63. Who knows which is better? The pizazz and color are outstanding. An R2 pop.1000-1200 but extremely rare in MS60+. High CC coin.
400771800 B-13, BB-193$1AU580100 
400781800 B-14, BB-194 Dotted Date$1AU551111B-14,B-194, Dotted Date. Popular dotted date. Common R2/3. Est.Pop.500-800 coins. Used as type set and therefore higher premium. Nice luster and strike characteristicly weak on obverse left of bust. May be low in CC.
400801800 B-15, BB-195 10 Arrows$1  
400791800 B-17, BB-196 12 Arrows$1MS621010B-17,BB-196 12 Arrows. Ex Cardinal Coin. Great color, luster and strike. Famous collar clash on bust. Often weak on hair not seen in this coin. MS exceedingly rare. Great strike. Should be MS63-64. R3. Prob in top 2 of CC coin. Est.Pop.500-900 coins.
400831801 B-1, BB-211$1AU581010B-1,BB-211. Gun metal blue toning with a great strike. High in CC. PCGSAU58. R3. Est.Pop.350-600 coins.
400841801 B-2, BB-212$1MS632020B-2,BB-212 Nice toning and great luster. This magnificent PCGSMS63 coin is just like the photo and ranks as top CC 1 or 2! It is PL and struck better than any other BB-212 I have owned including the other PCGS MS63 B-2, BB-212. R3. High to mid CC coin. Est.Pop.425-800 coins.
400851801 B-3, BB-213$1MS621010B-3,BB-213. THE REVERSE IS EASY TO PICK OUT-RT.FOOT OF T IS MISSING. PCGSMS62. Nice toning and great luster. Obverse and reverse strong. R3. High to mid CC coin. Est.Pop.425-800 coins.
400861801 B-4, BB-214$1AU551111B-4,BB-214. The rarest of the 1801 varieties. Typical weak strike. Even golden toning with great luster and prooflike surfaces. Best strike I have seen in this rare variety. PCGSAU55 (CAC). Could easily be AU58 or Unc. R4. Est.Pop. 200-300 coins. High CC coin.
400911802/1 B1, BB231 Close Date$1AU581010B1,BB-231, Close Date, overdate 1802/1. The top of the CC, perhaps #1. Beautiful toning of sunset hues with a touch of iridescent blue. Great strike for this rare variety. R4. Est.Pop.100-150 coins. Could be MS63 just as easy as AU58.
400921802/1 B-4, BB-232 Close Date$1AU552323B-4,BB-232, Cose Date, overdate. Great strike, luster and toning. Again this easily could be graded AU58! R3. Est.Pop.350-450 coins. Low to mid CC.
400931802/1 B-2, BB-233 Wide Date$1AU502121B-2 BB-233 Wide Date, 1802/1. Attractive steel toned AU50+++. Should be AU55. Within top 2 of CC. MS non known to survive R4. Est.Pop. 100-175 coins. This is probably optimistic.
400941802/1 B-3, BB-234 Wide Date$1MS611212B-3 BB-234 Wide Date, 1802/1. R3. Most common of the overdates but still rare in MS condition. Nice original toning and luster. R3. CC #1. Est.Pop. 400-600 coins.
400951802/1 B-9 BB-235 Wide Date$1AU531111B-9 BB-235, 1802/1. The rarest !802/1 variety. R5. Rare in high grade. In fact AU coins were not thought to exist.THIS COIN HIGH CC, probably #1. Should be AU58+. Est.Pop. 75-150 Coins.
400881802 B-6, BB-241 Close Date$1AU532525B-6,BB-241. This common variety is often found in high grades of AU or better. This coin is graded PCGSAU53 but could easily go up to AU55-58. Nice steel-like toning with lots of luster. Great strike. R1-2. Est.Pop. 1000-1500 coins.
400891802 B-5, BB-242 Wide Date$1AU581010NOW IS #16286508. B-5,BB-242,wide normal date. Ex. Cardinal coin. The higest graded one in PCGS holder. High in CC. May be finest known! R5. Est.pop.75-100 coins.
400961803 B-1, BB-251 Small 3$1AU502121B-1 BB-251 Small 3, !803. R4. Nice toning and luster. AU very rare and MS probably non existent. This coin was NGC53. CC High top 3 at least. Est.Pop.150-250 coins.
400971803 B-5, BB-252 Small 3$1AU532222B-5,BB-252, Small 3, close date, 1803. Beautiful Blue irridescent toning and great strike. Should grade AU58+- MS60! R3. Est.Pop. 400-500 coins.
400991803 B-4, BB-254 Small 3$1  
401011803 B-6, BB-255 Large 3$1AU553434B-6,BB-255, Large 3. Spectacular toning with PL look. R1/2, Est.Pop.1000-1650 coins. Should be low CC coin. Grade AU58+- MS62.
401001803 B-3, BB-256 Small 3$1AU531111B-3 BB-256 Small 3, 1803. Extremely rare in AU condition. This coin is finest known and was fought over by bidders until I was successful in purchasing it for $25K, a bargin! This is the finest one I have ever seen and is Prooflike as is usually the case. Should grade AU58. R6+ maybe low 7. Est. 25-30 coins. High CC 1 or 2.
5359911803 B-8, BB-257 Large 3$1  
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