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Platinum Eagles Complete Set, Proof (1997-present): The Marshall Collection

The Marshall Collection - 14th

Current Statistics
Rank 14
Weighted GPA 71.000
Complete 87.27%
Set Rating 61.964
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About this set: I’d like to thank Mitch at wondercoins.com for his dedication and influence in finding me the tough, hard to get coins as well as the more common ones that enabled me to complete this set. Through his help I was able to assemble the best possible set.

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The Marshall Collection
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
97541997-W P$10$10PR70DC14801480 
997651998-W P$10$10PR70DC11401140 
997731999-W P$10$10PR70DC27002700 
997792000-W P$10$10PR70DC35303530 
997862001-W P$10$10PR70DC17101710 
997942002-W P$10$10PR70DC20702070 
9211002003-W P$10$10PR70DC20802080 
9211042004-W P$10$10PR70DC22502260 
9211082005-W P$10$10PR70DC13801380 
9211162006-W P$10$10PR70DC25502930 
1495732007-W P$10$10PR70DC20802650 
3930872008-W P$10$10PR70DC3904540 
97531997-W P$25$25PR70DC14301430 
997661998-W P$25$25PR70DC14701470 
997741999-W P$25$25PR70DC25802580 
997802000-W P$25$25PR70DC39703970 
997872001-W P$25$25PR70DC17901790 
997952002-W P$25$25PR70DC25602560 
9211012003-W P$25$25PR70DC20802080 
9211052004-W P$25$25PR70DC17101720 
9211092005-W P$25$25PR70DC17101710 
9211172006-W P$25$25PR70DC25802900 
1495762007-W P$25$25PR70DC8802850 
3930892008-W P$25$25PR70DC3102700 
97521997-W P$50$50PR70DC13501350 
997671998-W P$50$50PR70DC49404940 
997751999-W P$50$50PR70DC26202620 
997812000-W P$50$50PR70DC31503150 
997882001-W P$50$50PR70DC16501650 
997962002-W P$50$50PR70DC24102410 
9211022003-W P$50$50PR70DC19701970 
9211062004-W P$50$50PR70DC19401950 
9211102005-W P$50$50PR70DC16301630 
9211182006-W P$50$50PR70DC21502400 
1495772007-W P$50$50PR70DC557012650 
  2007-W P$50 REV PR$50  
3930912008-W P$50$50PR70DC3002730 
97511997-W P$100$100PR70DC960960 
997681998-W P$100$100PR70DC16001600 
997761999-W P$100$100PR70DC12301230 
997822000-W P$100$100PR70DC21402140 
997892001-W P$100$100PR70DC12301230 
997972002-W P$100$100PR70DC20002000 
9211032003-W P$100$100PR70DC14801480 
9211072004-W P$100$100PR70DC15901600 
9211112005-W P$100$100PR70DC14501460 
9211192006-W P$100$100PR70DC24202660 
1495792007-W P$100$100PR70DC22102760 
3930932008-W P$100$100PR70DC3402130 
  2009-W P$100$100  
  2010-W P$100 $100  
  2011-W P$100$100  
  2012-W P$100$100  
  2013-W P$100$100  
  2014-W P$100$100  
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