Dimeman's New Orleans Dime Set - 4th

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About this set: I love New Orleans Dimes.
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Dimeman's New Orleans Dime Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
45641838-O No Stars10CXF453193Ebay - Dave F. - Very nice golden tone with blue/green tone at perif. This ...
45721839-O No Drapery10CAU551142Heritage Auction - This coin is beautiful and hard to find in this grade. T...
45741840-O No Drapery10CVF351173Brian Greer. This is the Small "o" variety.
45801841-O10CAU50946I made - ex:Lovejoy. This is the small "o" variety.
45821842-O10CXF452443I made from Teaparty. This is the med. "O" variety.
45841843-O10CXF40711Brian Greer - Nice med grey/brown
45871845-O10CVF301143Dick Osburn - Beautiful original golden/grey tone. This is the Large thick ...
45921849-O10CAU501226Dick Osburn - G103 small "o" overdate. Beautiful golden/orange toning with ...
45941850-O10CXF40733I made - Aurora Coin - G102 Med. "O" Date slopes down. Nice original med to...
45961851-O10CXF40625I made - Alpine - R5 in XF. Nice grey/brown tone.
45981852-O10CXF451027I made - Hagman - Upright "O" R4 in XF.- Beautiful orig tone.
46041853-O Arrows10CXF40839I made - Jeff Kierstead- Nice orig coin.
46061854-O Arrows10CAU551059I made - from Brian Greer - very nice bright coin.
46121856-O10CXF40554I made - Steve Musil - Nice orig coin.
46151857-O10CAU5819122I made - from Brian Greer - G102 Large "O".
46171858-O10CAU55426Gerry Fortin - Beautiful golden olive tone.
46201859-O10CAU536110Teaparty - G101 Med. "O" variety.
46321860-O10CG6387DLRC - very nice original coin.
47071891-O10CAU559214I made - Brian Greer - Nice silver coin.
47971892-O10CAU5312251I made - Roger W. - Very pretty med tone.
48011893-O10CAU5813108I made - Brian Greer - Beautiful creamy satin silver.
48041894-O10CAU53451David Pike - Very nice original coin.
48131897-O10CAU551180I made - Bowers & Merena - Very nice coin.
48161898-O10CAU58953I made - Excelsior Coin Gallery - Very pretty toned coin,
48191899-O10CAU55858Alpine - Pretty light toned coin.
48221900-O10CAU551251Norman Pullen Inc. Very nice original coin.
48251901-O10CAU551669Alpine - Nice coin. Hard to find.
48281902-O10CAU53992I made - New Hampshire Coins - Shimmering silver with lite toning.
48311903-O10CAU583093I made - JJ Teaparty - Nice coin.
48361905-O10CAU5812118I made from DLRC - Nice creamy white
948361905-O Micro O10CAU50718DLRC
48401906-O10CAU557167J.J. Teaparty
48441907-O10CAU557142Ebay - Beautiful golden perif tone
Nice set Jon... I wanted to try this set a while back. Got as far as getting one dime... the 1905 micro O
Posted @ 5/19/2008 3:19 PM By Dan50