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California Fractional Gold - Liberty Head Round Quarter Dollars, Period One: Robert H. Lande

Robert H. Lande - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Rank 1
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 61.032
Complete 88.57%
Set Rating 54.057
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About this set: This collector's goal is to collect as complete and high grade a set of Period 1 California Small Denomination Gold coins as possible. He has barely started in this quest, and understands that he will never be able to finish. Many of the coins are simply too rare and seldom come onto the market. Even though his set will never be close to complete, the process of trying to collect Cals is proving to be a lot of fun, for several reasons. The first is the romance of collecting the small change of the California Gold Rush. What could be a more interesting focus for one's collecting energy? The second reason is that the prices of Cals are reasonable considering their scarcity. Even varieties with total PCGS populations of less than a dozen coins often can be purchased at relatively reasonable prices. Although only the very wealthy can seriously collect the larger Territorial Gold coins, many more people can afford to collect California Fractional Gold coins. A final attraction of this series is because the quest is so challenging. There are many complete series of United States coins that can be purchased within a month by anyone with enough money. What is the fun in collecting such coins? Cals, by contrast, must be diligently searched out, piece by piece, over many years, to build a respectable collection. This is collecting at its finest! If you would like to correspond with Mr. Lande about this fascinating series, please contact him at [email protected] He also has several scarce Cals to trade, including a couple with total PCGS populations of less than a dozen pieces.

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Robert H. Lande
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
10386BG-201 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6214BG 201. Approximately 6 known. I also own a certified BG 217A, which is unique, but for some reason the PCGS Registry system will not allow me to add it.
10387BG-202 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6226 
10388BG-203 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6411 
10389BG-204 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6393 
10943BG-204B ND Round Liberty Quarter25CN101 
10390BG-205 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6410 
10391BG-206 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS64120 
10392BG-207 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6510 
10393BG-208 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25CAU5525 
10394BG-209 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6351 
10419BG-209A ND Round Liberty Quarter25C  
10945BG-209B ND Round Liberty Quarter25C  
10395BG-210 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25CAU5812 
10396BG-211 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25C  
10397BG-212 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6320 
10398BG-213 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25C  
10399BG-214 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6341 
10400BG-215 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6320 
10401BG-216 1854 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6383 
10402BG-217 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25CAU5831 
10418BG-217A 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6210 
10403BG-218 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6250 
10404BG-219 1853 Round Liberty Quarter25CAU5524 
10405BG-220 1854 Defiant Eagle Quarter25CMS6311 
10406BG-221 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS64444 
10407BG-222 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6620 
10408BG-223 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6541 
10409BG-224 ND Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6510 
10410BG-225 1855 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6324 
10411BG-226 1855 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6440 
10417BG-226A 1855 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6420 
10412BG-227 1855 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS63247 
10413BG-228 1856 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS6234 
10414BG-229 1856 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS64132 
10415BG-230 1856 Round Liberty Quarter25CMS64233 
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