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Liberty Seated Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1840-1873): Legend Collection of Mint State Seated Liberty Dollars

Legend Collection of Mint State Seated Liberty Dollars - 2nd

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About this set: The Legend Collection of Mint State Seated Dollars is the absolute finest ever completed. It's also the ONLY set ever completed in 100% uncirculated condition. It is highlighted by the James A Stack specimen of the 1870-S, the finest of only 9 coins known. In addition, it contains such amazing rarities as the Starr 1844 and 1852, Norweb 1845 and 1850-O, Garrett 1848, Fairfield 1849, Hayes 1866, Stack 1871-CC, Austin 1872-CC and the Share 1873-CC.

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Legend Collection of Mint State Seated Liberty Dollars
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
69261840$1MS6430The Fairfield specimen - the finest known. An absolute original gem surely saved for presentation purposes. Superb prooflike surfaces are graced with lovely iridescent toning.
69271841$1MS6520The Fairfield specimen. Bold and beautiful! Frosted devices are set against semi prooflike and slightly striated fields. A hint of golden toning and a sharp strike complete the picture.
69281842$1MS64181The Share specimen. So high end that it reportedly comprises half the pop report for the grade. Very flashy and beautiful.
69291843$1MS6441The Sterling specimen. Lovely iridescent toning over near perfect surfaces. Surely the finest of the few graded.
69301844$1MS6510The Starr specimen - the finest known. Purchased long ago as a proof, only the quad shield lines belay that origin. Stunningly prooflike, it is graced with blue and deep grey toning over near perfect surfaces.
69311845$1MS6410The Norweb specimen - the finest known. Lovely lilac and electric blue toning compliments the abundant luster.
69321846$1MS6520The Rudolf specimen. Lovely and original, the surfaces are near perfect. Light golden toning completes the picture.
69331846-O$1MS64+10A gem for the date - finest known and conservatively graded at that.
69341847$1MS6540The Rudolf specimen - the finest known as it's slightly nicer than the other MS65's. An original white coin, with just a hint of golden toning to show its originality. Lightly prooflike, very flashy and eye appealing!
69351848$1MS6610The Garrett specimen. The finest example known of this rare low mintage date, this coin was held in the Garrett collection for nearly a century until auctioned by Stacks in 1976. It later appeared in the famous Fairfield collection. Marvelous original toning graces nearly perfect surfaces. The mint bloom is fantastic!
69361849$1MS6710The Fairfield specimen. This is without a doubt the finest no motto dollar from the first two decades of coinage. Utterly flawless surfaces are graced by satiny luster and lovely light original toning.
69371850$1MS6420The Buddy Ebsen specimen - slightly finer than the other graded at this level. Completely original and very prooflike. Marvelous electric blue toning compliments areas of brown. Very sharply struck.
69381850-O$1MS6341The Norweb specimen. An extremely rare date in unc, this coin has abundant luster and eye appeal.
69391851$1MS6451The Sterling specimen. Original moderate toning over near perfect and prooflike surfaces.
69401852$1MS6431The Floyd Starr specimen - the second finest known. White and flashy with gorgeous mint bloom in places. Semi proolike and well struck.
69411853$1MS65+11Ok, so let's be honest - this coin is a 66 all day long. Beautiful toning on near perfect surfaces. Die striations add to the flash of the coin.
69421854$1MS6610The Akers specimen. There are many lovely coins in this set, but this is the one that stands up and demands the eye appeal award. The amazing electric blue periphrial toning simply takes your breath away!
69441856$1MS6430A gem for the date! Stunning, nearly mark free surfaces are graced with subtle pastel toning and generous luster. A bit of striking weakness is forgiven in the overall quality of the coin.
69451857$1MS6520Stunning mint luster and lovely multicolored toning grace the surfaces of this coin. The grade is actually limited by the strike - typical for the date.
69461859$1MS6511Very sharply struck, with wonderfully frosted devices. The fields exhibit very few marks and are striated from the dies. Fresh!
69471859-O$1MS6520The Amon Carter specimen - the finest known. Superb, flashy surfaces are graced with that wonderful Amon Carter periphrial electric blue toning. Stunning!
69481859-S$1MS64+10The Stellar specimen - downgraded from NGC65. Dripping with luster and mint frost and without the usual San Francisco bagmarks
69491860$1MS6620The Knoxville specimen - the finest known for the date.
69501860-O$1MS6581The Rudolf specimen - one of the finest known. Superb rolling cartwheel luster with frosty cameo devices.
69511861$1MS6532Completely original with moderate to thick toning over near perfect surfaces.
69521862$1MS6530The Share specimen. A deeply toned gorgeous gem. Deep electric blue opens to warm rose centers. The surfaces are near perfect and the eye appeal is outstanding.
69531863$1MS6641Beautiful velvet mint frost graces the devices. The fields are free of contact marks with only a few scattered lines limiting the grade. Very flashy.
69541864$1MS6610The Marc Emory specimen. Held in his personal collection as part of an 1864 mint set for 31 years! White and flashy, the fields are nearly perfect. Gorgeous luster completes the package.
69551865$1MS6510The Rudolf specimen - the finest known. Amazing mint bloom graces near perfect surfaces. A light hint of golden toning is confined to Miss Liberty, otherwise white and flashy.
69591866 Motto$1MS6720The Hayes specimen - the finest known. Spectacular red-orange periphrial toning surrounds white and creamy centers. The surfaces are pristine, with nary a bagmark to distract. Fantastic!
69601867$1MS6530The Childs specimen. From the same collection as the finest 1804 dollar. Superbly original, with deeply frosted devices and untouched dusky toning.
69611868$1MS6621The Rudolf specimen - the finest known. Utterly dripping with luster and eye appeal. Amazing velvety mint frost is practically painted on the devices. Superb!
69621869$1MS6620Satiny golden gray gem surfaces exhibit sultry lustre and generous amounts of lively rose and pale electric blue iridescence. A stunning coin, and just a few tiny marks from perfection.
69631870$1MS6523A beautifully toned original gem. Apricot iridescent toning covers near perfect surfaces. Only a small bagmark on Liberty's breast prevents a higher grade.
69651870-S$1MS6210The James A Stack specimen - not only the finest known, but the only uncirculated specimen of this ultra rarity known. Prooflike and flashy - the surfaces are alive and the toning has iridescent quality.
69661871$1MS6610From the Sweet Collection - the finest known specimen of the date. Sultry mint frost on the devices contrasts beautifully with the semi prooflike and near perfect fields.
69671871-CC$1MS6410The James A Stack specimen - the finest known. My oh My, What a coin! Gorgeous periphrial toning highlights frosted devices and flashy mirrored surfaces. Extensively striated, this must be a fresh strike from new dies. Wonderful mint bloom with just a few scattered post striking hairlines limiting the grade of this most appealing coin.
69691872-CC$1MS6510The Austin specimen. Formerly in the family of a government official for many decades. Near perfection with beautiful golden brown periphrial toning.
69701872-S$1MS6420Gorgeous electric blue-green periphrial toning surrounds warm golden red centers. A stunning example of this very rare date!
69711873 Seated$1MS6620The finest known specimen of the date. White and flashy with near perfect surfaces.
69721873-CC Seated$1MS6510The Share specimen - the finest known by 4 full grades. Pristine semiprooflike surfaces are graced by attractive original toning. An amazing coin of a date with only one other certified unc!
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