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The Mint Act of 1792 provided that the obverse of each coin must bear an image "emblematic of liberty," but how should "liberty" be portrayed? Should it be a metaphor for the freedom of time, as demonstrated by the sundial depicted on certain colonial issues, such as the Continental Dollar and Fugio cents? Perhaps a portrait of General George Washington, whose service during the Revolutionary War secured liberty for the country? Actually, quite a few different "Washington" cents were produced at that time, with that idea in mind.

Ultimately, the early Mint engravers answered that question, taking their cue from the Libertas Americana medal. Conceived and brought to fruition through the efforts of Benjamin Franklin to commemorate the Colonies' victories in the War, the Libertas Americana medal is universally agreed to be the most beautiful of all American colonial medals.

This set of Early Date Large cents, a subset of the Cardinal Collection Large Cent Date Set, is dedicated to the beauty of the Libertas Americana medal and her offspring, all of the beautiful portraits of Liberty that graced U.S. large cents.

While nothing can quite compare with examining these amazing specimens in person, and seeing with your own eyes their beaming luster and sparkling shades of mint red and brown, the images that follow attempt to come as close as digitally possible. I hope you enjoy the display, and may you find it interesting and informative.

Cardinal Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
13411793 Chain1CMS65BN10The 1787 Fugio Cent is credited with being the first coin issued under the ...
13471793 Wreath1CMS69BN10As with the Chain Cent before it, the Wreath Cent derives its common name f...
354891793 Cap1CAU53BN10
3568517941CMS67RB10The very first of the Liberty Cap cents were designed by Joseph Wright. Und...
138017951CMS65BN20S-78 Noyes #21184
357801796 Cap1CMS66BN10S-91 Noyes #20469
358171796 Drape1CMS65RB10S-93 Noyes #20187
142317971CMS65RB41S-123 Gschwend-Snow Not in Noyes
3611117981CMS65RB10S-181 Noyes #21626
144317991CVF35BN11S-189 Ex: Seavey, Parmelee, Beckwith Not in Noyes
144918001CMS65BN10S-197 Noyes #36124
3628518011CMS63RB00S-221 Noyes #21534
147018021CMS64BN21S-225 Noyes #29916
3642018031CMS66RB101803 S-243 cent from the Naftzger collection, PCGS graded Ms-66RB. Among t...
150418041CAU55BN31S-266C Noyes #20867. Graded by PCGS as AU55 long ago in a green-labeled ho...
3643318051CMS66BN00S-269 Noyes #20647
3643618061CMS63BN20S-270 Noyes #31598
153018071CMS66RD10When Henry William DeSaussure became the new director of the Mint, he sough...
154318081CMS64BN76S-278 Noyes #21705
154618091CMS63BN13S-280 Not in Noyes, Ex: Eliasberg
3648418101CMS63BN10S-285 Noyes #20325
155518111CMS64BN20S-287 Not in Noyes
3649918121CMS65BN10With the Draped Bust design, the Mint was finally producing coinage accepta...
157018131CMS65BN20S-293 Ex: Snow, not in Noyes
3651718141CMS64BN30S-295 Noyes #21925