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5 Mark Commemoratives, Proof (1977-1990): The Tess Collection

The Tess Collection - 2nd

Young Numismatist
Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 66.667
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 66.667
Retired Statistics (4/26/2010)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 66.424
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 66.424
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About this set: PROOF MINTED ONLY 5500 PC. Thanks to RON.

The Tess Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
3955271977 Friedrich Ludwig Jahn5 MkPR68DC5060PROOF MINTAGE OMLY: 10,000 PC
3956571978 Friedrich Klopstock5 MkPR65DC1616PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 4,500 PC
3971671978-A Anti-Apartheid5 MkPR67DC3232PROOF MINTAGE ONLY 4000 PC , Thanks to Ron
3955301979 Albert Einstein5 MkPR67DC6363PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 4,500 PC
3956581980 Adolph van Menzel5 MkPR67DC5454ONLY 5500 PROOF WAS MINTED , Thanks to Ron
3956621981 Tilman Riemenschneider5 MkPR67DC5454ONLY 5500 PC PROOF WAS MINTED , Thanks to Ron
3956631982 Friedrich Frobel5 MkPR66DC3434PROOF MINTAGE ONLY 5,500 PC
3955351982-A Goethe's Weimar Cottage5 MkPR66DC1515PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 5,500 PC
3971681982-A Warburg Castle5 MkPR65DC2424PROOF STRIKES MADE ONLY 5,500 PC
3971751983 Max Planck5 MkPR66DC2323PROOF STRIKES ONLY 4,380 PC
3956661983-A Wittenberg Church5 MkPR65DC1515PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 5,500 PC
3956671983-A Martin Luther5 MkPR66DC1919PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 5,500 PC
3955381984-A Leipzig Old City Hall5 MkPR67DC3434PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 5,500 PC
3973431984-A Thomas Church of Leipzig5 MkPR65DC1818PROOF MINTAGE ONLY : 5,500 PC
3956691984-A Adolf Freiherr von Lutzow5 MkPR67DC1313PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 5,000 PC
3956721985-A Dresden Women's Church5 MkPR67DC2424PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 8,476 PC
3956711985-A Dresden Zwinger5 MkPR66DC1212PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 5,500 PC
3956701985-A Caroline Neuber5 MkPR67DC3131PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 4,000 PC
3971731986-A Potsdam Sanssouci Palace5 MkPR66DC1313PROOF STRIKES ONLY 4,200 PC
3956761986-A Potsdam New Palace5 MkPR65DC1414PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 4,204 PC
3956731986-A Heinrich van Kleist5 MkPR67DC3232PROOF MINTAGE ONLY: 4,000 PC
3973441987-A Berlin Nikolai Quarter5 MkPR68DC2020PROOF MINTAGE ONLY 4,200 PC
3971721987-A Berlin Red City Hall5 MkPR66DC1313PROOF STRIKES ONLY 4,200 PC
3971741987-A Berlin Universal Clock5 MkPR65DC1313PROOF STRIKES ONLY 4,200 PC
3971781988-A First Railroad5 MkPR66DC1616PROOF STRIKES ONLY 3,200 PC
3971761988-A Port City of Rostock5 MkPR66DC2323PROOF STRIKES ONLY 3,200 PC
3971771988-A Ernst Barlach5 MkPR66DC2222PROOF STRIKES ONLY 3,000 PC
4005781989-A Katharinen Kirche in Zwickau5 MkPR66CA1013PROOF MINTAGE ONLY : 3,200 PC
3973461989-A Marlen Kirche in Muhlhausen5 MkPR68DC1010PROOF MINTAGE ONLY 4,200 PC
3973471989-A Carl von Ossietzky5 MkPR66DC2424PROOF STRIKES ONLY MADE 3,066 PC
3971831990-A Kurt Tucholsky5 MkPR67DC1111PROOF STRIKES ONLY 4,000 PC
3971821990-A Postal Service5 MkPR68DC1010PROOF STRIKES ONLY 4,200 PC
3973481990-A Zeughaus Museum5 MkPR68DC1010PROOF MINTAGE ONLY 4,200 PC