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About this set: This complete set includes one of everything, although some interesting major varieties are excluded. It also rightly includes the 1964 Special Strike Kennedy halves, which are not true Special Mint Set coins but are Specimen Strike coins and among the rarest coins made in the 20th century. The bold strike is characteristic of proof coins, but they were struck from business strike dies that show heavy, crisscrossing die polishing lines. Only a single die pair was used for the 8-15 pieces known. John Dannreuther has written of these, "Although the exact source of the Special Mint Set strikings of 1964 coinage is uncertain (most believe they came from the estate of dealer Lester Merkin), they have been trading in the numismatic marketplace since their surfacing in auctions beginning in 1993. Their inclusion as separate varieties is analogous to the separate listing of Satin finish examples in Mint Sets, which were first issued in 2005. Both are striking variations that represent a variation from the normal strikes (hence, PCGS listing them as separate varieties)." A "complete" set will never be complete without an example of the 1964 Special Strike Kennedy half, the true key to the set.

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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
6706196450CMS673511964 Kennedy half MS67 PCGS. Gorgeous lilac and hazel patina on both sides ...
1478461964 DDO FS-10250CMS653761964 Kennedy half DDO FS-102 MS65 PCGS.
3913851964 DDR FS-80150CMS63151964 Kennedy half DDR FS-801 MS63 PCGS. Thanks Dave and Nick Shelton.
68441964 SMS50CSP67651964 SMS MS67 PCGS, one of the rarest coins from the second half of the 20t...
67071964-D50CMS673311964-D Kennedy half MS67 PCGS. Like several of the other top-grade silver k...
1460111964-D DDO FS-10150CMS6563Thanks Tim Clough
1460101964-D TDO FS-10350CMS6571
3903171964-D DDO FS-10450CMS6551
1453631964-D QDO FS-10550CMS65152Thanks Tim Clough
3903161964-D DDO FS-10650CMS65311964-D DDO FS-106 MS65 PCGS. A four-point upgrade from our other exanple wi...
1478191964-D DDO FS-10850CMS6591Thanks Tim Clough
1460761964-D/D RPM FS-50150CMS65160
1460771964-D/D RPM FS-50250CMS65601964-D/D Kennedy RPM FS-502, harder than the FS-501 or FS-503, Pop 6/0
1460781964-D/D RPM FS-50350CMS6564
5105811964-D/D RPM FS-50450C 
5105791965 DDR FS-80250CMS64521965 DDR FS-802 MS64 PCGS
6709196650CMS666261966 non-SMS RARE Kennedy half MS66 PCGS. These 1965-67 non-SMS coins are r...
1460501966 DDO FS-10150CMS64+13
3913901967 DDO FS-10250C 
5105781967 DDO FS-10350CMS6312
3913911967 DDR FS-80150CMS65601967 Kennedy half DDR FS-801 MS65 PCGS. Gorgeous color, much nicer than th...
67111968-D50CMS672701968-D Kennedy half MS67 PCGS. Like several of the other top-graded silver ...
3913071968-D TDO FS-10150CMS6443Thanks Tim Clough
67121969-D50CMS6612991969-D Kennedy half MS66 PCGS. MS67 WANTED pls e-mail!
67131970-D50CMS66443281970-D Kennedy half MS66 PCGS. These were only produced for Mint sets, and ...
6716197150CMS669891971 Kennedy half MS66 PCGS. These were the first P-mint clad issues (not 4...
67171971-D50CMS671927Fantastic color over clean surfaces is the hallmark of this 1971-D Kennedy ...
1460511971-D DDO FS-10150CMS653361971-D Kennedy half, DDO FS-101, MS65 PCGS. Three finer (12/2012).
1460521971-D DDO FS-10250CMS66111
6718197250CMS66144141972 Kennedy half MS66 PCGS, in an old green holder. MS67 WANTED pls e-mail...
1478501972 DDO FS-10150CAU5875
67191972-D50CMS678311972-D Kennedy half MS67 PCGS, none finer (12/2012).
1478881972-D No "FG" FS-90150CMS6331
1478871973-D DDO FS-10150CMS6521
6722197450CMS6612610MS67 WANTED pls e-mail!
967231974-D DDO FS-10150CMS65859MS66 WANTED pls e-mail!
67261976 Clad50CMS668314MS67 WANTED pls e-mail!
67271976-D Clad50CMS67301
67281976-S Silver50CMS683831
67291976-S Silver DDO FS-10150CMS6731
6731197750CMS67331Thanks Ronald Bullock
67321977-D50CMS67411Thanks Ronald Bullock. MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
5105641977-D DDO FS-10150CMS6333
6733197850CMS67280Thanks Ronald Bullock
67341978-D50CMS67271Thanks Rob Anglemier
6735197950CMS67461MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67381980-D50CMS67341MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67391981-P50CMS67250Thanks Ronald Bullock
67411982-P50CMS6619611MS67 WANTED pls e-mail!
5105681982-P No "FG" FS-90150CMS66472
67431983-P50CMS669619MS67 WANTED pls e-mail!
67441983-D50CMS67298Thanks Ronald Bullock
67461984-D50CMS6610312MS67 WANTED pls e-mail!
67491986-P50CMS67543MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67501986-D50CMS671364MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67511987-P50CMS67821MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67521987-D50CMS671457MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67541988-D50CMS671721MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67561989-D50CMS67691MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67591991-P50CMS67532MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67601991-D50CMS67252MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67611992-P50CMS671547MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67621992-D50CMS671513MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67641993-D50CMS671003MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67651994-P50CMS671437MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67661994-D50CMS67552MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67671995-P50CMS671116MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67681995-D50CMS67947MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67701996-D50CMS68200OGH Thanks Jaime Haletky
67711997-P50CMS67957MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67721997-D50CMS67604MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67731998-P50CMS671217MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67741998-D50CMS67732Thanks Pine Valley Coins. MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67751998-S SMS50CSP703080
67771999-D50CMS673418MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67802001-P50CMS681892MS69 WANTED pls e-mail!
67832002-D50CMS6727812MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67842003-P50CMS671786MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67852003-D50CMS671463MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
67862004-P50CMS67594MS68 WANTED pls e-mail!
967882005-P Satin Finish50CSP7070Thanks Ronald Bullock
967892005-D Satin Finish50CSP684040
967902006-P Satin Finish50CSP69940
967912006-D Satin Finish50CSP69310
1495312007-P Satin Finish50CSP691670
1495332007-D Satin Finish50CSP692421
3949402008-P Satin Finish50CSP6831310
3949422008-D Satin Finish50CSP682733
4072772009-P50CMS67594Thanks Dave and Nick Shelton
4072782009-P Satin Finish50CSP6841525Thanks ENI Coin
4072802009-D Satin Finish50CSP6845923Thanks ENI Coin
4167852010-P 50CMS671956
4167902010-P Satin Finish50CSP683503
4167912010-D Satin Finish50CSP684873
5244572014-P CLAD50CMS67825
5301822014-P CLAD 1964 Reverse50CSP6831362
5244582014-D CLAD50CMS688416
5301842014-D CLAD 1964 Reverse50CSP6821038
5301802014-D SILVER50CMS7024880
5349902014-S SILVER50CMS70PL11480
968001964 PR50CPR68DC26481PR69DCAM WANTED-pls e-mail!
1474951964 DDO FS-101 PR50CPR68152Thanks Phil Shattuck
5105411964 DDO FS-104 PR50CPR661131964 Kennedy DDO FS-104 PR66 PCGS
5105821964 QDO FS-105 PR50CPR6762
868011964 Accented Hair FS-401 PR50CPR68CA1018
3913801964 Accented Hair DDO FS-103 PR50CPR68CA10
5105451964 Accented Hair DDR FS-802 PR50CPR66CA32
868451965 SMS50CSP67CA1626Thanks Mark Vennekotter. Higher grade or esp. DCAM WANTED pls e-mail!
3977701965 SMS DDR FS-80150CSP66721965 Kennedy half SMS DDR FS-801 SP66 PCGS. Thanks Phil Shattuck.
868461966 SMS50CSP67CA28513Thanks Mark Vennekotter. SP68CAM or DCAM WANTED pls e-mail!
1454261966 SMS No "FG" FS-90150CSP66243
1460421966 SMS DDO FS-10250CSP67CA40
1460441966 SMS DDO FS-10350CSP673721966 Kennedy SMS DDO FS-103 SP67 PCGS
5105511966 SMS DDO FS-105 50CSP6750
1460471966 SMS DDO FS-10450CSP6522Thanks Tim Clough
5105611966 SMS DDO FS-10650CSP67121
968471967 SMS50CSP67DC82101967 Kennedy SMS SP67DCAM PCGS 'Birthmark Die.' Thanks Mark Vennekotter. SP...
3913861967 SMS QDO FS-10150CSP661221967 Kennedy SMS QDO FS-101 SP66 PCGS Thanks Dave and Nick Shelton
968041968-S PR50CPR69DC34316PR70DCAM WANTED pls e-mail!
1487001968-S DDO FS-101 PR50CPR68501968-S DDO FS-101 PR68 PCGS
1487421968-S DDR FS-801 PR50CPR67211968-S Kennedy DDR FS-801 PR67 PCGS
3912241968-S Inverted Mintmark FS-511 PR50CPR65451968-S Inverted Mintmark FS-511 PR65 PCGS Thanks Phil Shattuck
968051969-S PR50CPR69DC5861
968061970-S PR50CPR69DC2500PR70DCAM anyone? Thanks.
1460641970-S DDO FS-101 PR50CPR6763
5105751970-S DDO FS-102 PR50CPR6740
968071971-S PR50CPR69DC660Thanks Mark Vennekotter
1478781971-S DDO FS-101 PR50CPR671531971-S Kennedy DDO FS-101 PR67 PCGS
1487471971-S DDO FS-102 PR50CPR67861971-S Kennedy DDO FS-102 PR67 PCGS
  1971-S DDO FS-103 PR50C 
3964851971-S DDR FS-801 PR50CPR6711
968081972-S PR50CPR69DC6400Thanks Mike Green
968091973-S PR50CPR69DC653021PR70DCAM WANTED pls e-mail!
968101974-S PR50CPR69DC803532PR70DCAM WANTED pls e-mail!
968111976-S CLAD PR50CPR69DC1698360PR70DCAM WANTED pls e-mail!
5105691976-S CLAD DDR FS-801 PR50CPR6621
968121976-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC1510Thanks James Sego
968151977-S PR50CPR70DC2690Thanks Patrick Scoggin
968161978-S PR50CPR70DC5040
968181979-S TYPE 1 PR50CPR70DC4400Thanks CoinFame
968191979-S TYPE 2 FS-501 PR50CPR70DC2670
968201980-S PR50CPR70DC3280Thanks Patrick Scoggin
968211981-S TYPE 1 PR50CPR70DC3060
968221981-S TYPE 2 FS-501 PR50CPR69DC205363
968231982-S PR50CPR70DC2540
968241983-S PR50CPR70DC3650
968251984-S PR50CPR70DC1940Thanks Patrick Scoggin
968261985-S PR50CPR70DC2990Thanks Patrick Scoggin
968271986-S PR50CPR70DC3380
968281987-S PR50CPR70DC4490
968291988-S PR50CPR70DC3280
1487381988-S DDO FS-101 PR50CPR68DC661988-S Kennedy DDO FS-101 PR68DCAM PCGS
968301989-S PR50CPR70DC3590
968311990-S PR50CPR70DC4450
968321991-S PR50CPR70DC8560
968331992-S PR50CPR70DC6850
968341992-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC6410
1444511992-S SILVER DDO FS-101 PR50CPR69DC40
968351993-S PR50CPR70DC6460
968361993-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4390
968371994-S PR50CPR70DC7200
968381994-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5300
968391995-S PR50CPR70DC5690
968401995-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5110
968411996-S PR50CPR70DC5110
968421996-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC3760
968431997-S PR50CPR70DC5080
968481997-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5030
968491998-S PR50CPR70DC6070
969091998-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC6380
969101999-S PR50CPR70DC3340
969111999-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC3080Thanks Mark Vennekotter
969122000-S PR50CPR70DC3480
969132000-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5090
969142001-S PR50CPR70DC2850Thanks Ted Martori
969152001-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4220
969162002-S PR50CPR70DC4640
969172002-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5950
969182003-S PR50CPR70DC3630
969192003-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4310
969202004-S PR50CPR70DC2900
969212004-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4470
969742005-S PR50CPR70DC2080
969752005-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5250
969762006-S PR50CPR70DC2390Thanks datentype
969772006-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4130
1495582007-S PR50CPR70DC1430
1495612007-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC3090
3949522008-S PR50CPR70DC1690
3949552008-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4000
4072832009-S PR50CPR70DC3640Thanks L&C Coins
4072862009-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4160Thanks L&C Coins
4191232010-S PR50CPR70DC2530Thanks Sirius Sports Auctions
4167892010-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC9240Thanks ENI Coin
5051992011-S PR50CPR70DC1110
5051982011-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC8680
5118772012-S PR50CPR70DC1060
5118792012-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC2760
5175292013-S PR50CPR70DC400
5185782013-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4120
5301732014-P SILVER PR50CPR70DC24730
5244662014-S CLAD PR50CPR70DC550
5283632014-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC2140
5301752014-W SILVER PR50CPR7025030
5303012014-W GOLD PR50CPR70DC26770
VERY nice person to talk to, lot's of experience and information. ONLY individual to post photos at LARGE dollar amount so we can compare our coins to his and help in identification. Beautiful photos, not hazy like I take, LOL. Big assett to the Kennedy collectors. THANKS!
Posted @ 1/15/2014 12:15 PM By Lisa
Very impressive set! Wow!!
Posted @ 1/7/2011 2:32 AM By illini420