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Large Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1793-1857): Cardinal Collection

Cardinal Collection - 3rd

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Rank 3
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 63.475
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 63.475
%RD 14.93%
Retired Statistics (1/28/2013)
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 63.328
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 63.328
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About this set: 

The Mint Act of 1792 provided that the obverse of each coin must bear an image "emblematic of liberty," but how should "liberty" be portrayed? Should it be a metaphor for the freedom of time, as demonstrated by the sundial depicted on certain colonial issues, such as the Continental Dollar and Fugio cents? Perhaps a portrait of General George Washington, whose service during the Revolutionary War secured liberty for the country? Actually, quite a few different "Washington" cents were produced at that time, with that idea in mind.

Ultimately, the early Mint engravers answered that question, taking their cue from the Libertas Americana medal. Conceived and brought to fruition through the efforts of Benjamin Franklin to commemorate the Colonies' victories in the War, the Libertas Americana medal is universally agreed to be the most beautiful of all American colonial medals.

This collection, the Cartwheel Cents Large Cent Type Set, is dedicated to the beauty of the Libertas Americana medal and her offspring, all of the beautiful portraits of Liberty that graced U.S. large cents from the very beginning in 1793 through their final curtsy in 1857, and all of her moods and expressions inbetween.

Here, then, are the many portraits of our dear Lady Liberty:

Assembling such a collection, while eminently rewarding, can be a truly daunting task, especially when seeking top grades. The great hobby of numismatics abounds with enthusiastic collectors competing for choice early coppers. Many seek to build a basic type set, requiring just 7 coins, while others may choose to build a basic date and major type set, and that requires 67 coins. Many go beyond that and choose to assemble a complete collection of all 147 RedBook varieties, and others will go further still, seeking to obtain every one of the many different individual die varieties, numbering over 300 just for the early dates and with hundreds of further varieties spanning the middle and late dates. Indeed, some of the most dedicated of these collectors are members of the Early American Coppers society (EAC), and their current membership stands at nearly 6,000! With such a broad base of collectors, the demand can truly overwhelm the supply, especially when the supply is so limited. As a point of comparison, for the famed 1909S VDB cent acclaimed as an important rarity, PCGS has graded 1,636 as GEM MS65 and higher - including an amazing 174 at MS66RD or finer. In contrast, however, for all of the early dates of 1793-1814 combined, PCGS has graded a total of just 164 Gems - a whopping 10 times fewer! Through patience, painstaking research and diligence (and a good measure of fortuitous opportunity) the Collection now includes examples of all of these portraits of Liberty, even including her more subtle intermediate transitions and spanning the complete set of dates 1793 through 1857, virtually all in fantastic gem condition with sparkling cartwheel luster. In fact, 53 of the 67 spots are filled with Pop Top specimens (many uniquely so), with the rest all high in the condition census.

While nothing can quite compare with examining these amazing specimens in person, and seeing with your own eyes their beaming luster and sparkling shades of mint red and brown, the images that follow attempt to come as close as digitally possible. I hope you enjoy the display, and may you find it interesting and informative.

Cardinal Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
13411793 Chain1CMS65BN1032The 1787 Fugio Cent is credited with being the first coin issued under the ...
13471793 Wreath1CMS69BN1012As with the Chain Cent before it, the Wreath Cent derives its common name f...
354891793 Cap1CAU53BN1257
3568517941CMS67RB1020The very first of the Liberty Cap cents were designed by Joseph Wright. Und...
138017951CMS65BN201110S-78 Noyes #21184
357801796 Cap1CMS66BN1023S-91 Noyes #20469
358171796 Drape1CMS65RB1031S-93 Noyes #20187
142317971CMS65RB4154S-123 Gschwend-Snow Not in Noyes
3611117981CMS65RB1020S-181 Noyes #21626
144317991CVF35BN2138S-189 Ex: Seavey, Parmelee, Beckwith Not in Noyes
144918001CMS65BN1017S-197 Noyes #36124
3628518011CMS63RB0100S-221 Noyes #21534
147018021CMS64BN211110S-225 Noyes #29916
3642018031CMS66RB10131803 S-243 cent from the Naftzger collection, PCGS graded Ms-66RB. Among t...
150418041CAU55BN3142S-266C Noyes #20867. Graded by PCGS as AU55 long ago in a green-labeled ho...
3643318051CMS66BN0100S-269 Noyes #20647
3643618061CMS63BN2133S-270 Noyes #31598
153018071CMS66RD1010When Henry William DeSaussure became the new director of the Mint, he sough...
154318081CMS64BN841010S-278 Noyes #21705
154618091CMS63BN0300S-280 Not in Noyes, Ex: Eliasberg
3648418101CMS63BN101117S-285 Noyes #20325
155518111CMS64BN2035S-287 Not in Noyes
3649918121CMS65BN2033With the Draped Bust design, the Mint was finally producing coinage accepta...
157018131CMS65BN1021S-293 Ex: Snow, not in Noyes
3651718141CMS64BN431011S-295 Noyes #21925
3654118161CMS66BN10340Minted from 1816 to 1839, the "middle date" cents are all typically referre...
159418171CMS66BN201084N-13 Noyes #58032
160018181CMS66BN103275N-10 Not in Noyes
160718191CMS65RB0000N-8 Not in Noyes
3667418201CMS66RB10819N-13 Noyes #20984
162218211CMS63RB2023N-2 Not in Noyes
3672118221CMS65BN3046N-4 Noyes #21532
162718231CAU58BN33811N-2 Noyes #34514. Genuine 1823 cents were recognized very early on for the...
163718241CMS64RB3145N-4 Noyes #35711 as MS65 "Choice - virtually flawless." Tied as CC#1 in the...
3680218251CMS66BN1027N-8 Noyes #21467
3682618261CMS66BN3065N-6 Noyes #21332
3686818271CMS66BN1043N-11 Noyes #20751
3688618281CMS66BN10210N-5 Noyes #21216
3692518291CMS66BN1026N-8 Noyes #33719
167318301CMS65RB1011N-3 Noyes #21565
3697418311CMS65RB1041N-6 Noyes #28736
3701018321CMS66RB2020N-3 Noyes #28832
3703518331CMS65RD1010N-6 Noyes #21614
3703718341CMS65RB1072N-3 Noyes #21020
3706418351CMS65RB10621835 is the first of the transitional years for the middle date coronet cen...
3711818361CMS66RB1021N-3 Noyes #20641
3716218371CMS67BN102100Another transitional year for middle date cents, the year 1837 witnessed th...
3718918381CMS67BN10291N-4 Noyes #21339
3724718391CMS66RB1055The Year 1839 was a very active one for the Mint's engravers, resulting in ...
182218401CMS64RD1313Addressing the public criticism, Mint Engraver Christian Gobrecht began his...
40393518411CMS66RB1021N-4 Noyes #30875
40581718421CMS65RD1030While "only" graded by PCGS as MS65RD, the collection's specimen of the 184...
40392318431CMS66RB20401843 became the final transitional year for the portraits of Liberty on U.S...
185718441CMS64RB101181N-5, Noyes #56040
39775618451CMS65RB1075N-6 Noyes #31553
40386618461CMS65RB20152N-5 Noyes #31305
3734418471CMS66RB1035N-32 Noyes #31415
40646218481CMS65RD1040N-9 Noyes #30569
40568618491CMS65RB50164N-22 Noyes #30527
40590618501CMS66RD1010N-19 Noyes #30524
40667918511CMS65RD0000N-10 Noyes #30989
190318531CMS66RD151161N-25 Not in Noyes
40612818541CMS66RB10833N-25 Noyes #30854
190918551CMS66+ RD2030Addressing the public criticism, Mint Engraver Christian Gobrecht began his...
192318561CMS66RB20448N-14 Not in Noyes
38963518571CMS65RB211011N-1 Noyes #31126