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British Complete Third Farthing Date Set, Circulation Strikes (1827-1913): Sulo Collection Of Third Farthings

Sulo Collection Of Third Farthings - 2nd

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About this set: Third farthings were minted to be used in Malta. They were struck to replace the Maltese "grain" which was 1/3 of the weight of a British farthing. Despite their low mintages they can be obtained relatively cheaply. Having said that with the exception of 1902 and 1913, many of the dates can be hard to find in MS grades as a lot of them circulated and not many were kept or collected. Varieties and proofs also exist. To view and learn about many other British coins take a look at www.CoinsGB.com

Sulo Collection Of Third Farthings
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
2000451827 George IV1/3 FarMS64BN54911Purchased from R.Ingram
2000631835 William IV1/3 FarMS62BN15113 
2000811844 Victoria1/3 FarMS64BN2065Mintage of 1,301,040. Despite the reasonably high mintage for this series 1844 is a hard date to find in MS condition. Purchased from RPcoins.
2000881866 Victoria1/3 FarMS63RB3434Mintage of 576,000. Purchased raw.
2000911868 Victoria1/3 FarMS63RB1121Mintage of 144,000. Purchased raw.
2000941876 Victoria1/3 FarMS63RB1111Mintage of 162,000. Purchased raw.
2000981878 Victoria1/3 FarMS66RD1010Mintage of 288,000. This could most probably be the nicest Victorian 1/3 farthing in existence. Razor sharp detail and tons of mint lustre. The colour is much nicer then the photo suggests.
2001011881 Victoria1/3 FarMS64RD70250Mintage of 144,000. Purchased from RPcoins.
2001031884 Victoria1/3 FarMS62RB1125Mintage of 144,000.Purchased from RPcoins.
2001071885 Victoria1/3 FarMS64RD4191Mintage of 288,000
2001521902 Edward VII1/3 FarMS64RD4696Mintage of 288,000. Purchased raw.
2001611913 George V1/3 FarMS65RD16101810Mintage of 288,000. Purchased raw.
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