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About this set: This collector's goal is to collect as complete and high grade a set of Period 1 California Small Denomination Gold coins as possible. He has barely started in this quest, and understands that he will never be able to finish. Many of the coins are simply too rare and seldom come onto the market. Even though his set will never be close to complete, the process of trying to collect Cals is proving to be a lot of fun, for several reasons. The first is the romance of collecting the small change of the California Gold Rush. What could be a more interesting focus for one's collecting energy? The second reason is that the prices of Cals are reasonable considering their scarcity. Even varieties with total PCGS populations of less than a dozen coins often can be purchased at relatively reasonable prices. Although only the very wealthy can seriously collect the larger Territorial Gold coins, many more people can afford to collect California Fractional Gold coins. A final attraction of this series is because the quest is so challenging. There are many complete series of United States coins that can be purchased within a month by anyone with enough money. What is the fun in collecting such coins? Cals, by contrast, must be diligently searched out, piece by piece, over many years, to build a respectable collection. This is collecting at its finest!

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Robert H. Lande
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
10370BG-101 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS63131
10371BG-102 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS64183
10372BG-103 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS6221BG 103. PCGS reports 2 have been certified. This is the Lee/Roe piece.
10373BG-104 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS6532
10374BG-105 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS6660
10375BG-106 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS6630
10376BG-107 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS6610
10377BG-108 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS6520
10378BG-109 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS64101
10379BG-110 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS64161
10380BG-111 $1/4 Octagonal Liberty 25CMS6593
10386BG-201 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6214BG 201. Approximately 6 known. I also own a certified BG 217A, which is u...
10387BG-202 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6226
10388BG-203 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6411
10389BG-204 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6393
10943BG-204B $1/4 Round Liberty25CN100
10390BG-205 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6410
10391BG-206 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS64120
10392BG-207 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6510
10393BG-208 $1/4 Round Liberty25CAU5524
10394BG-209 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6340
10419BG-209A $1/4 Round Liberty25C 
10395BG-210 $1/4 Round Liberty25CAU5812
10396BG-211 $1/4 Round Liberty25C 
10397BG-212 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6320
10398BG-213 $1/4 Round Liberty25C 
10399BG-214 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6341
10400BG-215 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6320
10401BG-216 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6373
10402BG-217 $1/4 Round Liberty25CAU5831
10403BG-218 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6250
10404BG-219 $1/4 Round Liberty25CAU5524
10405BG-220 $1/4 Defiant Eagle25CMS6311
10406BG-221 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS64433
10407BG-222 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6620
10408BG-223 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6531
10409BG-224 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6510
10410BG-225 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6324
10411BG-226 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6440
10417BG-226A $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6420
10412BG-227 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS63246
10413BG-228 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS6233
10414BG-229 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS64122
10415BG-230 $1/4 Round Liberty25CMS64233
10416BG-301 $1/2 Octagonal Eagle Reverse50CAU5823BG 301. 5 certified, 15 or fewer known
10422BG-302 $1/2 Octagonal Eagle Reverse Peacock50CMS64122
10423BG-303 $1/2 Octagonal Eagle Reverse Peacock50CMS6121
10424BG-304 $1/2 Octagonal Liberty 50CMS6430
45441BG-304A $1/2 Octagonal Liberty 50CN101BG 304A One of two known I also have a BG 304B from the Jack Totheroh col...
45442BG-304B $1/2 Octagonal Liberty50C 
10425BG-305 $1/2 Octagonal Liberty 50CMS6610
10426BG-306 $1/2 Octagonal Liberty 50CMS6610
10430BG-306A $1/2 Octagonal Liberty 50C 
10427BG-307 $1/2 Octagonal Liberty 50CMS6520
10428BG-308 $1/2 Octagonal Liberty 50CMS6460
10429BG-309 $1/2 Octagonal Liberty 50CMS6382
10435BG-310 $1/2 Octagonal Liberty 50CMS6146
10436BG-311 $1/2 Octagonal Liberty 50CMS63234
10437BG-401 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6530
10438BG-402 $1/2 Round Eagle Reverse Peacock50CMS6310BG 402. 2 known. This is the Roe piece. I also own a BG 410 which is at ...
10439BG-403 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6420
10440BG-404 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6321
10441BG-405 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6510
10442BG-406 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6312
10443BG-407 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS63133
10444BG-408 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6282
10445BG-409 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS64100
10446BG-410 $1/2 Round Eagle Reverse Peacock50CMS6410The Lee/Roe piece. One of two known - the other one was last auctioned in ...
10447BG-411 $1/2 Round Eagle Reverse Peacock50CMS6311
10448BG-412 $1/2 Round Eagle Reverse Peacock50CMS6310An R 8 coin, but it has a small puncture mark.
10449BG-413 $1/2 Round Eagle Reverse Peacock50C 
10450BG-414 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS62102
10451BG-415 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS63119
10452BG-416 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6232
10961BG-416A $1/2 Round Liberty50C 
10453BG-417 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6277
10454BG-418 $1/2 Round Liberty50CAU5837
10455BG-419 $1/2 Round Liberty50C 
10456BG-420 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6230
10457BG-421 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6560
10458BG-422 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6244
10473BG-422A $1/2 Round Liberty50C 
10459BG-423 $1/2 Round Liberty50CAU5865
10460BG-424 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6310
10461BG-425 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6320
10462BG-426 $1/2 Round Liberty50C 
10463BG-427 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6223
10464BG-428 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS63286
10465BG-429 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6372
10466BG-430 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6610
10467BG-431 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS63141
10468BG-432 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6461
10469BG-433 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS6124
10470BG-434 $1/2 Round Liberty50CMS63158
10471BG-435 $1/2 Round Arms of California50CMS6474
10472BG-436 $1/2 Round Eagle Reverse 50CMS6145
10478BG-501 $1 Octagonal Eagle Reverse (Slug Type)$1MS6351
10479BG-502 $1 Octagonal Eagle Reverse (Slug Type)$1AU5811
10480BG-503 $1 Octagonal Eagle Reverse (Slug Type)$1 
10481BG-504 $1 Octagonal Eagle Reverse (Slug Type)$1MS6390
10482BG-505 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6350
10483BG-506 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6112
10484BG-507 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1AU5831
10485BG-508 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6441
10486BG-509 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6241
10487BG-510 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6440
10488BG-511 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6420
10489BG-512 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1AU5532
10490BG-513 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1AU5820
10491BG-514 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6520
10492BG-515 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6210
10493BG-516 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1 
10494BG-517 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6121
10495BG-518 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6430
10496BG-519 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6432
10497BG-520 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1 
10498BG-521 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1 
10499BG-522 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1AU50112
10500BG-523 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6232
10501BG-524 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1AU5853
10502BG-525 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6231
10503BG-526 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6112
10504BG-527 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1AU5831
10505BG-528 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1AU5873
10506BG-529 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1AU5010BG 529. BG calls it unique. Another piece is rumored to exist, but it has ...
10507BG-530 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS63141
10508BG-531 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6350
10509BG-532 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS6331
10510BG-533 $1 Octagonal Liberty $1MS62156
10511BG-534 $1 Octagonal Eagle Reverse$1MS6221
10512BG-601 $1 Round Liberty $1GN101BG 601. Only 3 are known. The BG book calls this one the "finest known". ...
10518BG-602 $1 Round Liberty $1AU5511Only 4 have been certified in any grade - 50 Period 1 round dollars are kn...
10519BG-603 $1 Round Liberty $1AU5810
10520BG-604 $1 Round Liberty Eagle Reverse$1 
10521BG-605 $1 Round Liberty $1AU5521Only approximately 50 Period I round dollars are known
10522BG-606 $1 Round Liberty $1 
10523BG-607 $1 Round Liberty $1N101
World class collections are built over many years with collectors that is persistent and dedicated. Your collection is one of only few that meets the definition of "World Class" Congratulations!
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