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Half Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1793-1857): Jim McGuigan

Jim McGuigan - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 64.198
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 64.198
%RD 24.24%
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About this set: BUYING: I am an active buyer of upgrades, interesting die states (e.g., die breaks), and unusual mint errors (e.g., brockages) for my half cent collection.

SELLING: I offer for sale many choice and rare duplicate half cents from my collection at my website: www.eusrc.com. Please contact me by phone 412-247-4484, email [email protected], or at my bourse table at major shows.

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Jim McGuigan
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
3500917931/2CMS66BN1021B-3, C-3, G-1; (R3); Ex Williams
3503617941/2CMS66BN2034B-6b, C-4a, G-4; (R3); M-2.0
3508717951/2CMS66RB1010B-5b, C-5b, G-6; (R3+); S/O 1795 S76b Cent
3509917961/2CMS64+ RB1215B-2a, C-2, G-1; (R4); Ex Tettenhorst
3510117971/2CMS64BN1153B-1c, C-1, G-4; (R2); M1.0; Ex Showers, Tettenhorst
3512018001/2CMS63RB2385B-1b, C-1, G-1; (R2); M4.0
3512518021/2CVF35BN1143B-2, C-2, G-1; (R3); M4.0
3512918031/2CMS64RB1011B-1, C-1, G-2; (R1); M3.0
3516718041/2CMS65BN21936B-7, C-8, G-7; (R1); M4.0
3517918051/2CMS65BN2023B-1, C-1, G-1; (R2); M1.0
3520118061/2CMS64RB201311B-4, C-4, G-3; (R1); M2.0
3520318071/2CMS63+ BN1122B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1); M3.0
3520618081/2CMS63BN1144B-3, C-3, G-2; (R1); M3.0
3522518091/2CMS66RB1010B-4, C-3, G-4; (R1); M2.0
3523618101/2CMS64BN13104B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1)
3524218111/2CMS62BN1123B-2, C-2, G-1; (R3); M3.0; Ex Brobston, Miles, Reiver
3525018251/2CMS64RB2030B-2, C-2, G-1; (R1); M3.0
3525218261/2CMS65BN3287B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1); M2.0
3526318281/2CMS64+ RD1112B-2, C-3, G-1; (R1); M2.0
3526818291/2CMS66RB1031B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1); M1.0
119318311/2CPR66RB1050B-3*, C-SR15, G-2; (R7); Ex Eliasberg
3527718321/2CMS65RB1020B-2, C-2, G-1; (R2); M1.0; Ex Tettenhorst
3528418331/2CMS64RD10122B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1); M2.0
3528618341/2CMS65RB2054B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1); M2.0
3529318351/2CMS65RD1060B-2, C-2, G-1; (R1); M3.0
3531918491/2CMS64RB1060B-4, C-1, G-3; (R2); M1.0
3532318501/2CMS64RD1010B-1, C-1, G-1; (R2)
3532518511/2CMS65RB10325B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1)
3532818531/2CMS65RB30100B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1); M2.0
3533218541/2CMS64+ RD1014B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1); M1.0
3533518551/2CMS65RD20350B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1)
3533818561/2CMS64+ RD1022B-2a, C-1, G-1; (R1); M2.0
3534118571/2CMS64RD10152B-1, C-1, G-1; (R1)
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