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Weighted GPA 65.870
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Set Rating 65.870
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Owner's Comments
118401858 1C J-1911CPR642062061329 ex ELIASBERG
118421858 1C J-1921CPR6590901329 ex. ELIASBERG
118441858 1C J-1931CPR651201201329 ex. ELIASBERG
118671858 1C J-2021CPR661010cf/cc
118691858 1C J-2031CPR6550521539 ex. ELIASBERG
1340651858 1C J-2041CPR64CA202131333
3894671858 1C J-2061CPR65CA11111483 ex. ELIASBERG
118851858 1C J-2081CPR6640401329
118931858 1C J-2111CPR6610101333
118951858 1C J-2121CPR651121151329 ex. ELIASBERG
118971858 1C J-2131CPR6521211329 ex. ELIASBERG
20441858 1C Small Letters1CPR65CA111151329