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About this set: From the Experts at PCGS
The Garrett Collection included one of the finest territorial gold collections ever assembled. Most of the coins were purchased by John Work Garrett and they must have been a special passion of his. The Garrett set of Mormon gold includes five of the six issues and is missing only the ultra rare 1849 $10. The Garrett example of the very rare 1849 $20 grades AU50 and is one of the finest known.

About the Garrett Collection

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Garrett Collection
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherComments
102591849 $2-1/2$2.50VF20035Estimated grade. Ex. Bangs (1881) Sold by Bowers & Ruddy Mar '80 Price r...
102621849 $5 $5VF201118Estimated grade. Ex. Mehl (1921) Sold by Bowers & Ruddy Mar '80 Price re...
102711849 $10 $10 
102741849 $20 $20XF4036Estimated grade. Ex. Zabriskie; Ellsworth Sold by Bowers & Ruddy Mar '80 ...
102651850 $5 $5VF20372Estimated grade. Ex. Hesslein (1919) Sold by Bowers & Ruddy Mar '80 Pric...
102681860 $5 $5XF40437Estimated grade. Ex. Ten Eyck; Mehl Sold by Bowers & Ruddy Mar '80 Price...