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About this set:  This set has been put together after countless hours of searching for the best coins on the market, searching thousands of coins in rolls, Mint Sets and Proof Sets. In addition to my PCGS Sacagawea Registry Sets, I have been fortunate enough to amass an incredible Sacagawea Collection that has some of the rarest Sacagawea pieces and collectibles. This collection includes: 2000 Cheerios Sacagawea in original US Mint/General Mills packaging, a complete 2000-2003 ICG Signature Set with dual signed Millennium and Goodacre Presentation coins, Signed Goodacre Terra Cotta Coin Study # 593/2000, Numerous Goodacre Presentation coins that includes an ICG SP69 Type 1 Goodacre Presentation Coin, a Non-Burnished 2000D Millennium Sacagawea Dollar, 2000 VIP First Strikes: three in original mint packaging and one certified MS65 by SEGS, a 2000D Denver Mint Employee Appreciation Dollar, Complete Gallery Mint, Daniel Carr and Royal Hawaiian Mint Prototype Collection, First Day Coin Covers signed by Tom Rogers and Randy L'Teton, NMNA First Day Coin Cover Signed by Glenna Goodacre with COA and photos, A impressive Sacagawea Sample Slab Collection, Numerous Sacagawea errors, including; Blank & Sintered Planchets, Waffles, Experimental Rinse visitors

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Brandywine Sacagawea Collection - Varieties, Circulation & Proof Strikes
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
995842000-P GoodacreSAC$1SP69310Goodacre Presentation Piece Mintage: 5,000 - Obverse designer Glenna Goodac...
1478832000-P Wounded Eagle FS-901SAC$1MS67161From the incredible Marty Pokojski Wounded Eagle Hoard. Found in a re-wrap...
1472312000-P Cheerios Dollar FS-902SAC$1MS68240Beautiful proof-like coin purchased from SG Rare Coins. Also have one stil...
995852000-D MillenniumSAC$1MS681192Cross-over from NGC MS68PL
150012001-DSAC$1MS68970Proof-Like surfaces
150032002-DSAC$1MS681100Purchased on Teletrade
150152003-PSAC$1MS69240Acquired at the 2011 Summer FUN Show
150162003-DSAC$1MS68410Cross-over from NGC MS68
150182004-PSAC$1MS69240Purchased on Teletrade May 2009
150192004-DSAC$1MS6980From tedsierra's All Time Finest Set
150202005-PSAC$1MS68111Cross-over from NGC MS68
9150202005-P Satin FinishSAC$1SP698454
150212005-DSAC$1MS6840When this coin was offered by Teletrade on 12/18/05, it was listed as the "...
9150212005-D Satin FinishSAC$1SP691440
150222006-PSAC$1MS68150Purchased from James of JMS Coins.
9150222006-P Satin FinishSAC$1SP693740
150232006-DSAC$1MS6830Heritage Auctions 2012 FUN Signature Auction
9150232006-D Satin FinishSAC$1SP691560
1495632007-P Satin FinishSAC$1SP693260
1495642007-DSAC$1MS672940Got it from gotja
1495652007-D Satin FinishSAC$1SP693520
3949442008-P Satin FinishSAC$1SP691180Coinfame
3949462008-D Satin FinishSAC$1SP69840Paradise Mint
4069352009-P Native American - Position A$1MS6840Mary Ann sold this one!!
4069392009-P Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6833626
4069362009-P Native American - Position B$1MS68110
4069402009-P Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP69360
4069372009-D Native American - Position A$1MS671260
4069412009-D Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6835615
4069382009-D Native American - Position B$1MS671080Pine Valley Coins
4069422009-D Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP69210From tedsierra's All Time Finest Set
4162322010-P Native American - Position A$1MS671370
4162392010-P Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6940Tazmic
4162342010-P Native American - Position B$1MS671380
4162412010-P Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6970
4162332010-D Native American - Position A$1MS67160Thanks Michael @ Tazmic
4162402010-D Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP682521
4162352010-D Native American - Position B$1MS67140Cross-over from NGC MS67
4162422010-D Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6930From tedsierra's All Time Finest Set
5052012011-P Native American - Position A$1MS68150
5052032011-P Native American - Position B$1MS68130Tazmic
5052022011-D Native American - Position A$1MS68110Elite
5052042011-D Native American - Position B$1MS68120
5124632012-P Native American - Position A$1MS6840Made this one myself
5124652012-P Native American - Position B$1MS6820Crossover from NGC MS69
5124642012-D Native American - Position A$1MS68320Coinfame
5124662012-D Native American - Position B$1MS68260Coinfame
5181062013-P Native American - Position A$1MS68190
5181082013-P Native American - Position B$1MS68150Made this one myself - Beautiful Satin-like finish
5181072013-D Native American - Position A$1MS68200Made 3 of these myself in MS68
5181092013-D Native American - Position B$1MS68140Made 3 of these myself in MS68
5270602014-P Native American - Position A$1MS6850
5270612014-P Native American - Position B$1MS67550
5270622014-D Native American - Position A$1MS671023
5270632014-D Native American - Position B$1MS67865
995982000-S PRSAC$1PR70DC5910US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
995992001-S PRSAC$1PR70DC6280US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
9160002002-S PRSAC$1PR70DC7860US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
9160012003-S PRSAC$1PR70DC9360US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
9160022004-S PRSAC$1PR70DC7690US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
9160032005-S PRSAC$1PR70DC8640US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
9160042006-S PRSAC$1PR70DC7600US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
1495682007-S PRSAC$1PR70DC4680US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
3949492008-S PRSAC$1PR70DC3570US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
4069452009-S Native American PR$1PR70DC7400US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
4162382010-S Native American PR$1PR70DC5340US Mint Director Philip Diehl Signed Label
5052092011-S Native American PR$1PR70DC2450First Strike Coin
5128452012-S Native American PR$1PR70DC520First Strike Coin
5177592013-S Native American$1PR70DC1900First Strike Coin
5270662014-S Native American PR$1PR70DC1220First Strike Coin

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