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Large Cents with Major Varieties, Proof (1817-1857): ESM

ESM - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 66.237
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 66.237
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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
176218171CPR62BN10N6 Beckwith(4/1923),LOT 51;Stacks(7/25/05),Lot 625
53364918201CPR64+ BN10N6 Parmelee 6/1890:926 Bowers & Merena 11/12/98:1135 JW
177218211CPR63RB10N1 Stacks(3/08/06),Lot 3578
39755518221CPR64RD10N10 Norweb:2884 JW
17771823/21CPR64BN20N1 Eliasberg(BM 5/1996),Lot 554;Stacks(11/08/08),Lot 3076
39744718231CPR65BN10N2 Finotti:805(1862), REN, JW
40057918271CPR64BN10N7 Starr 198 (6/13/1984) JW
39756518281CPR65BN10N5 Starr:209(6/13/1984),REN,JW
17921829 Bronzed1CPR6421N6 Heritage (1/4/2012) Lot 3039
179318291CPR64RB20N6 Stacks(3/08/06),Lot 3580
9179318301CPR64RB10N10 Norweb
179818311CPR64RD10N3 Stacks(3/08/06), Lot 3582
5179818321CPR64RD10N1 Stacks(3/08/06), Lot 3584
39758318331CPR64+ RD10N4 Norweb:2914 4,13/1958, JW
39758618341CPR64+ RD10N7 Norweb 2919 (4/13/1958 JW
39758718371CPR67BN10N3 Clarke 7002 (1926} REN,JW
194918401CPR64BN11N2 Norweb
195318411CPR64RB81N1 Pittman
195518421CPR64BN30N1 Pittman
196218441CPR65RB10N8 LaRiviere II(BM 3/2001),Lot 2621
196418451CPR64BN11N14 Pittman
19671846 Small Date1CPR65BN20N1 Pittman
3976121846 Tall Date1CPR65RB10N24 REN
8197518481CPR65CA10N19 Stacks 3/08/06, Lot 3600
40058918491CPR65RB20N18 REN (Noyes 55049)
14729118521CPR65RB10N24 Beckwith, Pittman, REN (Noyes 35789)
198818531CPR64BN10N16 JW
199218541CPR65RB20N12 Anderson DuPont (9/1954);Stacks (11/18/2008),Lot 3112
199518551CPR66RB11N11 Pittman
200218571CPR65RD10N5 Eugene Gardner (2/1965),Lot 1189;Stacks (11/18/08),Lot 3126
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