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PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1688291999 Rabbit$1 
  2000-P Dragon$1 
  2001-P Snake$1 
1688322002-P Horse$1 
1693442003-P Goat$1PR69DC30
  2004 Monkey$1 
  2005-P Rooster$1 
1423272006-P Dog$1PR70DC40
9721322007-P Pig$1 
9721362008-P Rat Series I$1PR70DC10
4027932008-P Rat Series II$1PR69DC71
  2008-P Ox$1 
5415812009-P Ox$1PR70DC10
6522172010 Tiger 2008-P$1PR70DC10
5901922010-P Tiger$1 
6500892011-P Rabbit$1PR69DC41
6509142012-P Dragon$1PR69DC163
5200582013-P Snake$1PR70DC40
  2014-P Horse$1