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About this set: I made it - every coin now has a CAC green sticker! I'll look to upgrade a few coins in this set composition if/when possible, but its close to where I want it. Bottom line though, any upgrades have to be CAC green stickered, which will make it hard to upgrade. However, it is hardly what I would consider a "complete variety set" of business strike Ikes. IMHO, the set should have a spot for both, 1972 Type 2 March Release and August Release. It should have spots for the 1971S WDDO-004/WDDR-021, the 1972D WDDO-001/WDDR-001 - among others. Check out my Showcase sets - you'll see what I mean. Ike collecting is a blast!

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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
74061971$1MS66572CAC green sticker. None graded higher in a PCGS holder.
5099511971-D Type 1 Friendly Eagle FS-901$1MS66232CAC green sticker. Faint REV.
74071971-D Type 2 Reverse$1MS6693031CAC green sticker. Obverse clashes: grade A Talon Head, grade A hair lip. ...
74081971-S SILVER$1MS67+43CAC green sticker. As of 10/2013, only four at PCGS MS68, of which none are...
1484051971-S SILVER Peg Leg FS-401$1MS66301CAC green sticker. Design Peg Leg. DIVa 1SB-201 1971S MMP1 Features WDDO-00...
3964771971-S/S SILVER RPM FS-501$1MS66362CAC green sticker. DIVa 1SB-501. S/S RPM-1
874091972 TYPE 1$1MS653265CAC green sticker.
974091972 TYPE 2 FS-901$1MS65627CAC green sticker. August release with Talon head die clash. DIVa 2T2-202.2...
74091972 TYPE 3$1MS6542621CAC green sticker.
74101972-D$1MS6640120CAC green sticker. 2D-301.1 The classic WDDO-001/WDDR-001 actually has two ...
74111972-S SILVER$1MS68168233CAC green sticker. Shadow Ike with contrail image. Only about 15% of 72S ...
74121973$1MS661022CAC green sticker. Incredible blue toning!
74131973-D$1MS6629516CAC green sticker. DDR-MD
74141973-S SILVER$1MS688629CAC green sticker. IDDDO-WH3 / IDDDR-MH. Hub 3 - same WH as FS-101. (WDDO-...
74151974$1MS661247CAC green sticker. Light purple toning
74161974-D$1MS6644619CAC green sticker. Very light blue toning with hint of gold. Unattributed ...
74171974-S SILVER$1MS6810306CAC green sticker. MMS-2a. Unattributed DDO/DDR.
74181976 TYPE 1$1MS6549226CAC green sticker. SPL - Design Peg Leg. Diffuse light gold toning.
74191976 TYPE 2$1MS6645111CAC green sticker.
74201976-D TYPE 1$1MS6627215CAC green sticker. Design Peg Leg - SPL.
74211976-D TYPE 2$1MS6684431CAC green sticker.
74221976-S SILVER$1MS686960CAC green sticker. WDDO-MD1. Design Peg Leg - SPL.
74231977$1MS6682816CAC green sticker.
74241977-D$1MS6645810CAC green sticker. Unattributed WDDO-001
74251978$1MS663655CAC green sticker. Light gold toning - reverse > obverse.
74261978-D$1MS665539CAC green sticker.
Very nice set. Tru View these examples so we can all see them!
Posted @ 2/22/2013 5:50 PM By cc99999