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Large Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1839-1857): The Cumberland Valley Collection

The Cumberland Valley Collection

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The Cumberland Valley Collection
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
183818421CAU58BN10931172Newcomb 2. Small Date. Die state with a fine dot below right base of 1 and ...
185618441CAU58BN224230100Newcomb 1. Still has traces of mint red. Purchased from the Penny Lady in M...
186518461CAU58BN2611253295Newcomb 2.Small date. Die state 2. Small date. Purchased from Great Lakes ...
187718471CAU58BN5920991500Newcomb 6.Purchased from Doug Bird at the 1996 GCNE show.
188318481CAU58BN72174105442Newcomb 22. Nice reflective surface on the obverse. Purchased from Doug Bir...
188918501CAU55BN5039355950Newcomb 12.Purchased from S&S Associates at the 1996 GCNE show.
189218511CAU58BN1095081371050Newcomb 7. Traces of mint red around LIBERTY. Purchased from Coast to Coast...
189818521CAU55BN65672701153Newcomb 19.Purchased from Teletrade in April 2010.
190118531CAU55BN1178221221751Newcomb 3.Purchased from Blue Chip Numismatics at the 1987 Kentucky State N...
190418541CMS61BN53856740Newcomb 25. Beautiful light chocolate brown.Purchased from Doug Bird as AU-...
190718551CAU58BN64368931132Newcomb 7.Upright 55. Purchased from Teletrade's April 2010 Lakeside sale.
191918561CAU55BN643851201191Newcomb 8.Upright 5. Purchased from Teletrade in November 2010.
193118571CAU58BN315896395Newcomb 2. Small Date. Reverse rotated about 25 decrees. Purchased from The...