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Presidential Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (2007-2016): Bucks


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PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
1502122007-P George Washington$1MS669313413823
1502162007-D George Washington$1MS6610339474030
1502182007-P John Adams$1MS661288428258
1502202007-D John Adams$1MS6612484265115
1502222007-P Thomas Jefferson$1MS6620773964666873
1502242007-D Thomas Jefferson$1MS66246687952691864
1502272007-P James Madison$1MS66843752105131
1502292007-D James Madison$1MS6616461463484315
3946532008-P James Monroe$1MS66133644329581182
3946582008-D James Monroe$1MS66137453829651084
3946652008-P John Quincy Adams$1MS661461683098171
3946662008-D John Quincy Adams$1MS661404462796106
3948602008-P Andrew Jackson$1MS66779471660108
3948612008-D Andrew Jackson$1MS667531908
3948722008-P Martin Van Buren$1MS6660543123195
3948732008-D Martin Van Buren$1MS6665411134222
4073772009-P William Henry Harrison$1MS664871951064412
4073782009-D William Henry Harrison$1MS66355776214
4073892009-P John Tyler$1MS66203342011
4073902009-D John Tyler$1MS6613302720
4097172009-P James K. Polk $1MS66586781312161
4097182009-D James K. Polk $1MS6643918872
4097292009-P Zachary Taylor$1MS665230113920
4097302009-D Zachary Taylor $1MS6637908141
4178652010-P Millard Fillmore$1MS6634506738
4178662010-D Millard Fillmore$1MS6617303751
4178692010-P Franklin Pierce$1MS6634506951
4178702010-D Franklin Pierce$1MS6618404111
4178732010-P James Buchanan$1MS662082249035
4178742010-D James Buchanan$1MS6615203270
4178772010-P Abraham Lincoln$1MS663951682031
4178782010-D Abraham Lincoln$1MS6632206863
5065142011-P Andrew Johnson$1MS66720429308
5065152011-D Andrew Johnson$1MS66594347306
5065232011-P Ulysses S. Grant$1MS66350261395
5065242011-D Ulysses S. Grant$1MS66380286326
5065312011-P Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS66630324351
5065322011-D Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS661230409370
5065392011-P James Garfield$1MS66340284303
5065402011-D James Garfield$1MS66300273274
5120512012-P Chester Arthur$1MS66189239322445
5120522012-D Chester Arthur$1MS66139121260264
5120842012-P Grover Cleveland 22nd $1MS6696156257400
5120852012-D Grover Cleveland 22nd$1MS667792157234
5120692012-P Benjamin Harrison$1MS66153173305379
5120702012-D Benjamin Harrison $1MS6677108184216
5120782012-P Grover Cleveland 24th $1MS66102139260358
5120792012-D Grover Cleveland 24th$1MS6688100185222
5176912013-P Theodore Roosevelt$1MS66117144222286
5176922013-D Theodore Roosevelt$1MS6668134156272
5176892013-P William Howard Taft$1MS6690153199287
5176902013-D William Howard Taft$1MS6659136100279
5176952013-P William McKinley$1MS66100135195295
5176962013-D William McKinley$1MS6651117116245
5176832013-P Woodrow Wilson$1MS6671212137383
5176842013-D Woodrow Wilson$1MS664615790310
5260802014-P Warren G. Harding$1MS66662016263
5260812014-D Warren G. Harding$1MS668776162160
5262942014-P Calvin Coolidge$1MS66794617896
5262972014-D Calvin Coolidge$1MS6679101159199
5263042014-P Herbert Hoover $1MS66782614364
5263062014-D Herbert Hoover$1MS667282168166
5263002014-P Franklin D. Roosevelt$1MS66663315881
5263022014-D Franklin D. Roosevelt$1MS667272152152
5395792015-P Harry S. Truman$1MS6673118159252
5395812015-D Harry S. Truman$1MS6668142142305
5429192015-P Dwight D. Eisenhower$1MS667861169137
5429212015-D Dwight D. Eisenhower$1MS6652120117273
5429242015-P John F. Kennedy $1MS6681132162298
5429262015-D John F. Kennedy $1MS6648151101323
5429282015-P Lyndon B. Johnson$1MS669378190163
5429302015-D Lyndon B. Johnson$1MS668469193182
*  2016-P Richard M. Nixon$1 
*  2016-D Richard M. Nixon$1 
*  2016-P Gerald R. Ford$1 
*  2016-D Gerald R. Ford$1 
*  2016-P Ronald Reagan$1 
*  2016-D Ronald Reagan$1 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.