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Rank 8
Weighted GPA 66.864
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 66.864
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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
27611948 1C 1CMS65RD605491
27641948-D 1C 1CMS66RD111668
27671948-S 1C 1CMS66RD2244227
40341948 5C 5CMS6523383
40351948-D 5C 5CMS6646110
840361948-S 5C 5CMS65FS27787
850881948 10C 10CMS66FB16335(51)67 (2)67+ with (2)66+fb (23)67fb (2)67+fb (3)68fb. As of 12/31/13.
850891948-D 10C 10CMS67FB1148(1)68 with (2)67+ (3)68fb. As of 12/31/13.
850901948-S 10C 10CMS66FB290107(1)67+ (2)68 with (5)66+fb (85)67fb. As of 12/31/13.
58361948 25C 25CMS66827107
58371948-D 25C 25CMS6645958
58381948-S 25C 25CMS6687585
866511948 50C 50CMS65FL2307445(1)65+ (10)66 (1)66+ with (15)65+fbl (345)66fbl (14)66+fbl (3)37fbl. As of ...
866521948-D 50C 50CMS65FL1778212(3)66 with (10)65+fbl (156)66fbl (4)66+fbl (1)67fbl. As of 12/21/13.