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Standing Liberty FH Quarters Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1916-1930): QuattroCoins Standing Beauties

QuattroCoins Standing Beauties

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About this set: The 1917 was the start of this collector's coin collecting. He thinks that this is one of America's prettiest coins.

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QuattroCoins Standing Beauties
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
  1916 Standing Liberty25C 
57071917 Type 125CMS66FH484118484118Steely-blue w/iridescent multicolor peripheries. Secure Plus holder.
57091917-D Type 125CMS66FH1623816238Both sides are bathed in an iridescent copper/gold patina. Secure Plus hol...
57111917-S Type 125CMS66FH89218921Both sides are bathed in blue & lavender hues. Secure Plus holder.
57151917 Type 225CMS66FH85208520Both sides are bathed in a smooth blend of blue & lavender hues. Secure Pl...
57171917-D Type 225CMS64FH1249812498
57191917-S Type 225CMS65FH59355935Obv. is icy-white w/a light blush of rose on upper portion. Rev. is blast ...
57231918-D25CMS63FH7122471224"PQ" for the grade (was NGC MS64FH). Secure Plus holder.
5728191925CMS65135139135704was NGC MS65FH!
57301919-D25CMS635917959287Both sides are bathed in a light golden patina. Secure Plus holder.
5735192025CMS65FH1184911849Lustrous white w/light golden peripheries.
57381920-S25CMS6414474144182Both sides are icy-white w/light golden peripheries and blazing luster. NG...
5742192325CMS65362449362662Both sides are satiny white w/light copper/russet along the rims.
5747192425CMS65FH90799079Secure Plus holder.
57491924-D25CMS64FH85848584Secure Plus holder.
5753192525CMS66FH69146914Secure Plus holder.
5754192625CMS6640540500Mostly blast white w/some light golden hues, and about 90% full head.
57561926-D25CMS6525721257114Mostly white w/some light golden patina.
5761192725CMS66FH57145714Secure Plus holder.
57621927-D25CMS64509316509629From the famous Pittman Collection. Icy-white w/some copper/gold highlight...
5767192825CMS65+ FH278278Rose-colored patina. Secure Plus holder.
57681928-D25CMS65618115618230Blast white except for some toning on body of eagle.
57711928-S25CMS66FH1122611326Blazing luster and rose-colored peripheries. Secure Plus holder.
5773192925CMS66FH1221712217Icy-white gem. Secure Plus holder.
57751929-D25CMS64FH75627562Blazing luster and light golden peripheries. Secure Plus holder.
57771929-S25CMS66FH1422614226Icy-white gem. Secure Plus holder.
5779193025CMS66FH3447734477Mostly white w/some light golden highlights. Secure Plus holder.
57801930-S25CMS6722222601Blazing luster w/light splashes of copper/gold, and 95% full head. Secure ...