Comprehensive Morgan Set

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Comprehensive Morgan Set
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70721878 8TF$1MS6427157633119876
70741878 7TF$1MS6556656997110Very solid gem BU 1878 7TF (Rev of 78)
70701878 7/8TF$1MS648501822680644
70801878-CC$1MS6518513241866339Gem brilliant uncirculated satiny gem housed in old green holder
70821878-S$1MS666698167484CAC Certified 1878-S silver dollar with blinding cartwheel luster
70841879$1MS6510682221068226Gem brilliant uncirculated 1879 silver dollar with very clean fields and ni...
70861879-CC$1MS647801561130202Scarce near gem 1879-CC morgan dollar with blinding cartwheel luster and se...
70921879-S$1MS6713801721380178A superb gem with golden toned obverse and thick frosty reverse
70961880$1MS6510772001115211A frosty gem brilliant uncirculated silver dollar sharply detailed
71001880-CC$1MS66769102979142CAC Certified This is an unbelievable coin. Rich thick luster with beautifu...
71141880-O$1MS6413371541432164This is a lovely example 1880-O morgan dollar near gem that crossed from an...
71181880-S$1MS6720063682088406A superb gem with fantastic cartwheel luster
71241881$1MS661301213012This is an unbelievable coin. Truly scarce in MS66 PCGS only 96 in populati...
71261881-CC$1MS6614453091445312A lovely example MS66 with thick frosty luster and sharp details
71281881-O$1MS656676867168Gem brilliant uncirculated with very clean fields and strong luster
71301881-S$1MS6719162361916242A superb gem with flashy cartwheel luster typical for this issue
71321882$1MS6514413821441386CAC Certified Really nice for the grade and sharply detailed, gem brilliant...
71341882-CC$1MS6612391671254243Gorgeous MS66 1882-CC morgan dollar with thickly frosted luster and very cl...
71361882-O$1MS658437585679CAC Certified Housed in an old green holder and very lightly toned on obver...
71401882-S$1MS678539585396A superb gem with blinding cartwheel luster
71421883$1MS66943231943232Sharply defined MS66 morgan dollar with very bold thick luster
71441883-CC$1MS6619694041969423Thickly frosty stone white Carson City dollar MS66
71481883-S$1MS63887494887498Scarce choice brilliant uncirculated semi-key date with cartwheel luster
71501884$1MS66466111472114A lovely example with very clean fields also richly defined
71521884-CC$1MS6616172571617265CAC Certified MS66 1884-CC silver dollar with lovely iridescent toning alon...
71541884-O$1MS6613712161387220Very clean and sharp MS66 1884-O New Orleans morgan silver dollar
71561884-S$1AU5810253291025333Scarce slider from 1884 with most of the luster remaining being of the cart...
71581885$1MS6613962081400222CAC Certified Thick frosty luster and boldly defined
71601885-CC$1MS654016134540531481Very popular 1885-CC gem brilliant uncirculated morgan dollar that is very ...
71621885-O$1MS6624574242457429CAC Certified stone white beauty minimally marked MS66
71661886$1MS6627144992763511CAC Certified sharply detailed and very thick luster with a hint of light t...
71681886-O$1MS63613256616261A semi-key date in choice brilliant uncirculated with light toning along th...
71701886-S$1MS6412894051321450A flashy near gem BU piece with semi-prooflike fields Unbelievably nice for...
71721887$1MS6615061951537204Stone white and minimally marked MS66
71761887-O$1MS64+115345117374Very nice 1887-O MS64+ Looks like a gem PQ+
71821888$1MS66701120704123Stone white MS66 1888 morgan dollar with very clean fields
71861888-S$1MS6415134161531428Lovely near gem 1888-S morgan silver dollar with flashy cartwheel luster
71881889$1MS662913029730Stone white MS66 gem morgan that is exceptionally clean
71941889-S$1MS6564198641102Beautiful gem brilliant uncirculated morgan silver dollar 1889-s housed in ...
71981890-CC$1MS6421654172249475A lovely very clean near gem 1890-CC that is sharply defined
72021890-S$1MS65762222762225CAC Certified This gemBU morgan is toned in a beautiful rose gold toning.
72041891$1MS6419132461939249A lovely near gem example with flashy cartwheel luster
72101891-S$1MS65454103456106This gem BU morgan dollar is toned in pink gold and purple infusions. Unbel...
72141892-CC$1MS6416525231652542Terrific cartwheel luster on this sem-key 1892-CC near gem
72161892-O$1MS6421243202124325CAC Certified Beautiful near gem with beautiful luster throughout
72201893$1MS6411962821198282A remarkably clean free near gem frosty brillaiant uncirculated semi-key da...
72221893-CC$1MS621114170511141734CAC Certified The last year of issue for the Carson City mint, this extreme...
72241893-O$1MS62371438371447A lovely key date with light golden honey toning througout
72281894$1MS63348301348302Key date 1894 morgan silver dollar. Choice brilliant uncirculated, original...
72301894-O$1MS63308410308410Scarce choice brilliant uncirculated piece,sharply defined and bold
72321894-S$1MS64883207883210CAC Certified Toned obverse and white reverse really nice
72361895-O$1AU58420141420151Scarce slider from 1895 New Orleans mint. Unusually clean for an AU58 desig...
72381895-S$1MS644198442090Very scarce near gem and very clean with blinding cartwheel luster
72421896-O$1MS62590331595331Nearly-choice BU and somewhat scarce with very definition and potent luster
72441896-S$1MS64465107469110Solid luster minimally marked near gem scarce 1896-S morgan dollar
72461897$1MS6516254401658470CAC Certified A lovely gem with claims to a higher grade
72481897-O$1MS62599355599361Key date 1897-O morgan dollar that is lightly toned
72501897-S$1MS662735127356Immaculate fields and lovely potent luster throughout MS66
72521898$1MS66694164694168Stone white very gem BU consistent for the grade
72541898-O$1MS6620122992012307Another stone white very gem BU MS66 consistent for the grade
72561898-S$1MS654348743487This gem BU 1898-S boasts an interesting pinkish hue throughout both sides
72621899-S$1MS65431141447150A lovely gem brilliant uncirculated morgan dollar with bold cartwheel luste...
72641900$1MS666349864298Light brown obverse toning and more interesting honey brown toning on the r...
72701900-S$1MS65544135544141Gem brilliant uncirculated with beautiful luster
72741901-O$1MS665053450534Clean stone white very gem brilliant uncirculated
72761901-S$1MS64990338990343CAC Certified Fantastic flashy sweeping luster
72781902$1MS665315053150Very clean and very nice stone white morgan dollar from 1902
72841903$1MS66932132932132CAC Certified A lovely example that is very clean throughout
72861903-O$1MS66640103640104Lightly toned along the edges and very sharp consistent for the MS66 design...
72881903-S$1MS64253192253194Truly scarce key date from 1903-S with flashy cartwheel luster housed in an...
72941904-S$1MS64441186441191Scarce key date morgan dollar from 1904-s. Very clean and lightly toned.
72961921$1MS664455644757CAC Certified This coin is stone white and very PQ+++
72981921-D$1MS663534035440Sharply detailed with beautiful caramel brown toning
73001921-S$1MS65943110945110Gem brilliant uncirculated with lovely luster consistent for an MS65 gem BU...
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  1888 PR$1 
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  1891 PR$1 
  1892 PR$1 
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  1894 PR$1 
  1895 PR$1 
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  1900 PR$1 
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