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Weighted GPA 64.427
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Peace complete
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
73561921$1MS651299202CAC Certified First year of issue in gem brilliant uncirculated with light ...
73821921 Matte$1 
73571922 $1MS6679673CAC Certified Lovely striations of light caramel toning visit this lovely v...
73831922 Matte$1 
73581922-D $1MS651173203CAC Certified Frosty white gem minimally marked
73601923$1MS662083193CAC Certified A lovely example with light golden toning. Very gem brilliant...
73611923-D$1MS65450102CAC Certified A very bold gem brilliant uncirculated peace dollar (CAC) app...
73631924$1MS6666288Very select gem BU 1924-P peace dollar housed in an old green holder
73641924-S$1MS641277168CAC Certified A thickly frosted near gem with light caramel toning
73651925$1MS661758224CAC Certified Beautifully toned very select gem Bu peace dollar
73671926$1MS651304225Solid gem brilliant uncirculated sharply defined
73681926-D$1MS65741224A lovely gem BU 1926-D peace dollar housed in an old green holder
73691926-S$1MS6566792Terrific gem bold brilliant uncirculated peace dollar with thick frost
73711927-D$1MS641241227Very select uncirculated 1927-d peace dollar stone white
73741928-S$1MS641905211Stone white and very select uncirculated better date 1928-S peace dollar
73751934$1MS65669180Lovely gem brilliant uncirculated with claims to a higher grade
73761934-D$1MS6546887CAC Certified Another gem brilliant uncirculated peace dollar (CAC) approve...
73771934-S$1MS64594277A key date, this lovely peace dollar has a delicate hint of golden toning
73781935$1MS65896219A true gem BU with claims to a higher grade
73791935-S$1MS65690174Another flawless gem BU with thick frosty luster and claims to a higher gra...