Heavy Metal Native American Dollars, Circulation Strikes (2009-present)

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Heavy Metal Native American Dollars, Circulation Strikes (2009-present)
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
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Owner's Comments
4069402009-P Three Sisters$1SP69360620Bright white-gold. Full satin-like mint luster. Well struck. Pleasing, virt...
4069412009-D Three Sisters$1SP683661574136Flashy light gold surfaces, well struck, I can't find a flaw.
4162412010-P Great Law$1SP68277751911Light gold toning with a few small specks, good strike, above average luste...
4162402010-D Great Law$1SP6825214404Frosty luster, strong strike, virtually problem free.
5052012011-P Wampanoag Treaty$1MS68150280Brilliant, strong strike, virtually problem free.
5052042011-D Wampanoag Treaty$1MS68120230Top of the mark. Bunting insert.
5124632012-P Trade Routes$1MS6712942247Bright, shiny, proof-like. Bunting label.
5124642012-D Trade Routes$1MS68320600
5181082013-P Treaty, Delawares$1MS68160370
5181092013-D Treaty, Delawares$1MS672451549737
5270612014-P L&C Expedition$1MS678211629
5270632014-D L&C Expedition$1MS67118133332138
5420212015-P Mohawk Iron Workers$1MS677111632
5420222015-D Mohawk Iron Workers$1MS6713412985

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.