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About this set: This is a beautiful coin, even in MS64 non-full head grade. Many of these coins were acquired years ago, as one might guess by looking at the numerous older style holders. It continues to grow, however slowly, with mostly scarcer dates remaining to be added.

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Jim's Standing Libs
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1916 Standing Liberty25C 
57071917 Type 125CMS64FH18231611Almost pure white.
57081917-D Type 125CMS64181102Very close to FH
  1917-S Type 125C 
  1917 Type 225C 
  1917-D Type 225C 
57181917-S Type 225CMS6415996Strike is a bit weak
5721191825CMS65FH7456Purchased from J. Cline at 2003 FUN show.
5742192325CMS6628779White with nice luster. Three-quarters o fthe head detail shows.
5746192425CMS6513349The marks on the left obverse are on thje holder.
57481924-D25CMS64600637Typical weakness at top of date.
5752192525CMS6514223Made this one myself, back in ''88 or ''89.
57621927-D25CMS6525433Reverse is somewhat prooflike.
57681928-D25CMS64863685Scarce double die reverse. Wish all MS64's were this nice!
57701928-S25CMS64440714Blast white.
5772192925CMS64281155Luster is subdued, but still an attractive coin.
57741929-D25CMS6514944Decent head detail, but not full.
5778193025CMS6519673Purchased at 1993 ANA show in Baltimore.
57801930-S25CMS65199138A lustrous snow white gem.