Garrow's Thinkin' Lincolns

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About this set: I'm attracted to early, well-struck coins with original color. An example is the razor-sharp 1926-D, a notoriously weakly struck issue, I purchased for no premium. There are diamonds in the rough if you are willing to search for them.

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Garrow's Thinkin' Lincolns
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
24251909 VDB1CMS66RD21762852008 Heritage Auctions
24311909 Lincoln1CMS65RD10566352004 David Lawrence Rare Coins
24271909-S VDB1CMS64RB17438602012 Teletrade
24331909-S Lincoln1CMS65RB25492010 David Lawrence RC, "S" on reverse @ 6:00
243719101CMS65RD4131842005 Heritage
24391910-S1CMS65RB20551995 Coins of the Realm, raw
244319111CMS65RD2021341987 Bonanza Coins, raw
24461911-D1CMS64RD2671802007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
24481911-S1CMS64RB240642004 L&C Coins
245219121CMS65RD2391012008 Teletrade
24541912-D1CMS64RB133162007 Teletrade Auctions
24571912-S1CMS64RB225512008 Boweres & Merena Auctions, Balt.
246119131CMS65RD159722005 Northeast Numismatics
24631913-D1CMS64RB144182010 JJ Teaparty
24661913-S1CMS64RB189342006 L&C Coins
246919141CMS65RB696???? sometime before '92, raw
24721914-D1CMS64RB223522011 Angel Dee's, Vienna Show
24741914-S1CMS62BN271182008 Teletrade
247819151CMS64RB233831988 Frank Katen's as AU
24811915-D1CMS65RB4342009 Teletrade
24841915-S1CMS63RB491702009 Heritage Auctions
248819161CMS65RD3942452004 Heritage Auction
24901916-D1CMS64RB196471987 raw
24931916-S1CMS64RB176352004 Heritage auction
249719171CMS65RD2451502008 David Lawrence Rare Coins
25001917-D1CMS64RD130502007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
25021917-S1CMS64RB190432009 Heritage Auctions
250619181CMS65RD2391562007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
25081918-D1CMS64RB149252009 Heritage Auctions
25111918-S1CMS64RB165232009 Heritage Auctions
251519191CMS65RD3993422004 Heritage auctions
25171919-D1CMS64RB197292005 David Lawrence RC
25201919-S1CMS64RB183292008 Bowers & Merena Auctions, Balt.
252419201CMS65+ RD11352003 Heritage Auctions
25261920-D1CMS65RB3312008 Teletrade
25291920-S1CMS63RB1111802004 David Lawrence Rare Coins
253319211CMS64RD3212891992 Golden Eagle, raw
25351921-S1CMS64RB246422008 Bowers & Merena Auctions, Balt.
25391922-D1CMS64RD245982004 Heritage Auction
254519231CMS65RD2061052007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
25481923-S1CMS63RD24802008 Heritage Auctions
255019241CMS64RB160321995 Coins of the Realm
25541924-D1CMS63RD241292006 David Lawrence Rare Coin Auctions
25561924-S1CMS63RB1322192008 David Lawrence Rare Coins
256019251CMS66RD352642004 JJ Teaparty, NGC crossover
25631925-D1CMS63RD793132006 David Lawrence Rare Coins
25651925-S1CMS64RB14782007 Heritage
256919261CMS66RD4991251986 Coins of the Realm, original bag
25711926-D1CMS64RB194242005 Northeast Numismatics, NGC crossover
25741926-S1CMS64RB186152009 Heritage Auctions
257819271CMS65RD4322882003 Heritage
25801927-D1CMS64RB263602005 Northeast Numismatics
25841927-S1CMS63RD961432008 Northeast Numismatics
258719281CMS65RD5314562003 Heritage
25901928-D1CMS64RD330972012 Teletrade
259619291CMS66RD450692008 Northeast Numismatics
25991929-D1CMS65RD224312008 Bowers & Merena Auctions, Balt.
26011929-S1CMS65RB3702008 L&C Coins
260519301CMS66RD10191022004 Heritage auction
26081930-D1CMS65RD470126Heritage Auctions
26111930-S1CMS66RD16662010 David Lawrence Rare Coins
261419311CMS65RD6232822008 David Lawrence Rare Coins
26161931-D1CMS64RB217932008 Teletrade
26201931-S1CMS65RD7771022007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
262319321CMS66RD447321990 Coins of the Realm, raw
26261932-D1CMS66RD201142012 Great Collections
262819331CMS66RB702004 Heritage auction
26321933-D1CMS66RD347362012 Heritage Auctions
263519341CMS66RD14793292008 Coins of the Realm
26381934-D1CMS65RD9054151993 Coins of the Realm, raw
264119351CMS66RD21124772008 Coins of the Realm
26441935-D1CMS66RD961891990 Coins of the Realm, original roll
26471935-S1CMS66RD246181997 Coins of the Realm, raw
265019361CMS66RD18412382009 Angel Dee's @ Vienna, VA. Thanks, Andy and Alynne
26531936-D1CMS66RD9871052006 L&C Coins
26561936-S1CMS66RD487612008 Teletrade
265919371CMS66RD32624362008 Coins of the Realm
26621937-D1CMS66RD21113472008 Teletrade
26651937-S1CMS66RD12492192008 Coins of the Realm
266819381CMS66RD16443081986 Katen's Coins, raw
26711938-D1CMS66RD14593921986 Katen's Coins, raw
26741938-S1CMS66RD26842721995 Coins of the Realm
267719391CMS66RD31914281995 Coins of the Realm, raw
26801939-D1CMS66RD16064401992 Vienna show, raw
26831939-S1CMS66RD28003571997, Original Roll, Coins of the Realm
268619401CMS66RD16792362012 Teletrade
26891940-D1CMS66RD21553312088 Teletrade
26921940-S1CMS66RD21762282010 Angel Dee's
269519411CMS66RD20122111991 Baltimore show, raw
27011941-S1CMS66RD1870218???? Baltimore Show
270419421CMS66RD16821512008 Coins of the Realm
27071942-D1CMS66RD2129305???? Baltimore Show
27101942-S1CMS66RD18313602008 Coins of the Realm
271119431CMS66486115912008 Teletrade
27141943-D1CMS66409623972012 Teletrade
27171943-S1CMS66379117042010 Angel Dee's at Vienna, VA show
272219441CMS66RD23532492008 Coins of the Realm
27251944-D1CMS66RD22392922008 Teletrade
27311944-S1CMS66RD30633202008 Coins of the Realm
273419451CMS65RD64214342008 Coins of the Realm
27371945-D1CMS66RD21512502008 Teletrade
27391945-S1CMS65RB21812008 Coins of the Realm
274319461CMS65RD7806102009 Coins of the Realm
27461946-D1CMS66RD13751662010 Angel Dee's, Baltimore Show
27491946-S1CMS66RD21061482008 Teletrade
275219471CMS65RD7615762001 Original Roll, Coins of the Realm
27551947-D1CMS66RD1276931994 Baltimore show, raw
27581947-S1CMS66RD17721932008 Teletrade
276119481CMS65RD5625052009 Coins of the Realm
27641948-D1CMS66RD1090662008 Teletrade
27671948-S1CMS66RD22152132010 Coins of the Realm
277019491CMS65RD5694452008 Coins of the Realm
27731949-D1CMS66RD486572008 Coins of the Realm
27761949-S1CMS66RD20282152008 Teletrade
277919501CMS65RD5285662009 Coins of the Realm
27821950-D1CMS66RD853522013 Coins of the Realm
27851950-S1CMS66RD1068942012 Coins of the Realm
278819511CMS65RD4274852009 Coins of the Realm, from an original roll
27911951-D1CMS66RD10441281994 Baltimore show, raw
27941951-S1CMS66RD1049922001 Teletrade
279719521CMS65RD4025172008 Coins of the Realm
28001952-D1CMS65RD40514642008 Coins of the Realm
280619531CMS65RD6574572008 Coins of the Realm
281519541CMS66RD380372011 Coins of the Realm, raw
282419551CMS65RD77910252008 Coins of the Realm, from an original roll
283619561CMS64RD19213771996 Original Roll, Coins of the Realm
28381956-D1CMS64RB781891988 Katen's Coins
284819581CMS66RD977572013 Coins of the Realm