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Silver Commemoratives 144 Piece Mintmark & Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1892-1954): Broken Sound

Broken Sound

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Rank 66
Weighted GPA 66.846
Complete 6.25%
Set Rating 2.387
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Broken Sound
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
92201893 Isabella25C 
92241921 Alabama50C 
92251921 Alabama 2X250C 
92271936 Albany50C 
92291937 Antietam50C 
92331935 Arkansas50CMS67183183
92341935-D Arkansas50C 
92351935-S Arkansas50C 
92371936 Arkansas50C 
92381936-D Arkansas50CMS67+4141Pop 1, 1 better in MS68
92391936-S Arkansas50CMS67162162CAC - 50040070 Pop 2 better in 67+
92411937 Arkansas50C 
92421937-D Arkansas50C 
92431937-S Arkansas50C 
92451938 Arkansas50C 
92461938-D Arkansas50CMS67232232Baltimore Nov 2013 pop 20
92471938-S Arkansas50C 
92491939 Arkansas50C 
92501939-D Arkansas50C 
92511939-S Arkansas50C 
92541936-S Bay Bridge50C 
92571934 Boone50C 
92581935 Boone50CMS67+5050
92621935/34 Boone50C 
92591935-D Boone50C 
92631935/34-D Boone50C 
92601935-S Boone50C 
92641935/34-S Boone50C 
92661936 Boone50CMS65781435781435
92671936-D Boone50C 
92681936-S Boone50C 
92701937 Boone50C 
92711937-D Boone50CMS67487487
92721937-S Boone50C 
92741938 Boone50C 
92751938-D Boone50C 
92761938-S Boone50C 
92791936 Bridgeport50C 
94041946 Booker T. Washington50CMS67809809
94051946-D Booker T. Washington50C 
94061946-S Booker T. Washington50C 
94081947 Booker T. Washington50C 
94091947-D Booker T. Washington50C 
94101947-S Booker T. Washington50C 
94121948 Booker T. Washington50C 
94131948-D Booker T. Washington50C 
94141948-S Booker T. Washington50C 
94161949 Booker T. Washington50C 
94171949-D Booker T. Washington50C 
94181949-S Booker T. Washington50C 
94201950 Booker T. Washington50C 
94211950-D Booker T. Washington50CMS662273922739Simco CAC
94221950-S Booker T. Washington50C 
94241951 Booker T. Washington50C 
94251951-D Booker T. Washington50C 
94261951-S Booker T. Washington50C 
92811925-S California50C 
92831936 Cincinnati50C 
92841936-D Cincinnati50C 
92851936-S Cincinnati50C 
92881936 Cleveland50C 
92911936 Columbia50C 
92921936-D Columbia50C 
92931936-S Columbia50C 
92961892 Columbian50C 
92971893 Columbian50C 
92991935 Connecticut50C 
93011936 Delaware50C 
93031936 Elgin50C 
93051936 Gettysburg50C 
93061922 Grant50C 
93071922 Grant Star50C 
93091928 Hawaiian50C 
93121935 Hudson50C 
93141924 Huguenot50C 
93161946 Iowa50C 
93181925 Lexington50C 
93201918 Lincoln50C 
93221936 Long Island50C 
93241936 Lynchburg50C 
93261920 Maine50C 
93281934 Maryland50C 
93301921 Missouri50C 
93311921 Missouri 2X450C 
93331923-S Monroe50C 
  1938 New Rochelle50C 
93371936 Norfolk50C 
93401926 Oregon50C 
93411926-S Oregon50C 
93421928 Oregon50C 
93431933-D Oregon50C 
93441934-D Oregon50C 
93451936 Oregon50C 
93461936-S Oregon50C 
93471937-D Oregon50C 
93481938 Oregon50C 
93491938-D Oregon50C 
93501938-S Oregon50C 
93521939 Oregon50C 
93531939-D Oregon50C 
93541939-S Oregon50C 
93571915-S Panama-Pacific50C 
93591920 Pilgrim50C 
93601921 Pilgrim50C 
93631936 Rhode Island50C 
93641936-D Rhode Island50C 
93651936-S Rhode Island50C 
93671937 Roanoke50C 
93691936 Robinson50C 
93711935-S San Diego50C 
93721936-D San Diego50C 
93741926 Sesquicentennial50C 
93761935 Spanish Trail50C 
  1925 Stone Mountain50C 
93811934 Texas50C 
93821935 Texas50C 
93831935-D Texas50C 
93841935-S Texas50C 
93861936 Texas50C 
93871936-D Texas50C 
93881936-S Texas50C 
93901937 Texas50C 
93911937-D Texas50C 
93921937-S Texas50C 
93941938 Texas50C 
93951938-D Texas50C 
93961938-S Texas50C 
93991925 Vancouver50C 
94011927 Vermont50C 
94301951 Washington-Carver50C 
94311951-D Washington-Carver50C 
94321951-S Washington-Carver50C 
94341952 Washington-Carver50C 
94351952-D Washington-Carver50C 
94361952-S Washington-Carver50C 
94381953 Washington-Carver50C 
94391953-D Washington-Carver50C 
94401953-S Washington-Carver50C 
94421954 Washington-Carver50C 
94431954-D Washington-Carver50C 
94441954-S Washington-Carver50C 
94471936 Wisconsin50C 
94491936 York50C 
92221900 Lafayette$1 
I very much like the matched nature of the coins. Individually they are all nice; together, even nicer.
Posted @ 10/7/2012 7:35 AM By MarkBRush
What a great "eye appeal set"..
Posted @ 10/16/2007 9:37 AM By tirebiz1
This is definitely one of the most eye-appealing early commem collections I have seen and it's a joy to view them which I never get tired of. It's cool to see a couple coins that were once in my collection as well. Very impressive collection. Best, dizzyfoxx
Posted @ 8/25/2007 10:45 AM By budge
beautiful monster toned coins where as they are not just a number but rather pieces of art work that are being carefully selected monsterman
Posted @ 4/12/2007 8:26 AM By NFL