Gil Friedman's homemade mintmark type morgan set

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About this set: Homemade morgans, one of each mintmark! The CC mint is going to be a tuff one to get, they are expensive and scarce, period!

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Gil Friedman's homemade mintmark type morgan set
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Owner's Comments
Philadelphia Mint Silver Dollar71961890$1MS6372014710299134408876Most common date in ms63 and when I upgrade to ms64
Carson City Mint Silver Dollar   $1 
New Orleans Mint Silver Dollar71281881-O$1MS6367754515378408500051First coin in this set
Denver Mint Silver Dollar72981921-D$1MS62171413088173913186Not the most common date but I can make an ms64 of both P and D mint
San Francisco Mint Silver Dollar70821878-S$1MS64145955197284632201615The only common date. P mint is tuff and CC mint is very tuff