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About this set: This set possesses some nice coins in MS65, MS66, and above, with all pieces exhibiting superb eye appeal and luster. Some coins show beautiful exotic toning, some with pastel colors, while others flaunt blast-white, frosty surfaces. The Hawaiian MS65 half is lightly toned in lilac, green, and yellow pastels on both the obverse and reverse. The Bay Bridge MS66, Antietam MS66, and 36-D Arkansas MS65 possess frosty, mark-free surfaces. Other highlights of the collection include a delicately toned, semi-prooflike Vancouver MS65, an electric blue, semi-prooflike Lexington MS65, a lilac toned Norfolk MS67, an orange, red, and gold splashed California MS65, a bluish, gold rimmed Texas MS67, a exquisitely yellow and blue shaded Boone MS66, and a Hudson MS65 sprinkled in tones of russet, violet, and yellow. The king of the collection is a concentrically rainbow toned 1892 Columbian Half dollar in shades of brown, yellow, sea green and light blue. Other notables include a lustrous, blue and golden Stone Mountain MS66, a Washington-Carver MS65 in rainbow shades of blue, green, yellow, blast white Lincoln MS66, BTW MS66, York MS66, Missouri 2X4 MS65, Iowa MS66, as well as an icy white San Diego MS66 piece. The only dollar in the collection, sharply struck, frosty white, blemish-free MS64+ Lafayette. The coins were chosen over an 17 year period from early 1996 to 2013 with continued updates to present.
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The Overland Trail Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
9220ISABELLA 25C25CMS65456267
9224ALABAMA 50C50CMS65456122
9227ALBANY 50C50CMS64+112527
9229ANTIETAM 50C50CMS661279342
9238ARKANSAS 50C50CMS65436256
9254BAY BRIDGE 50C50CMS66836198
9270BOONE 50C50CMS66413122
9279BRIDGEPORT 50C50CMS651690823
9281CALIFORNIA 50C50CMS65802501
9284CINCINNATI 50C50CMS65606390
9288CLEVELAND 50C50CMS66660100
9292COLUMBIA 50C50CMS66584222
9296COLUMBIAN 50C50CMS65728313The 400th anniversary of the Columbus landing was the event for the minting...
9299CONNECTICUT 50C50CMS651249633
9301DELAWARE 50C50CMS651433835
9303ELGIN 50C50CMS65+201436
9305GETTYSBURG 50C50CMS66682118The "War of Northern Aggression" ripped the country apart, turning with the...
9306GRANT 50C50CMS65769328
9309HAWAIIAN 50C50CMS65513107
9312HUDSON 50C50CMS65692263Brilliant haze free lustre with peripheral rainbow toning and flecks of vio...
9314HUGUENOT 50C50CMS65981433
9316IOWA 50C50CMS662767947
9318LEXINGTON 50C50CMS651033411
9320LINCOLN 50C50CMS66501137
9322LONG ISLAND 50C50CMS651278559Virtually blast white, glowing lustre.
9324LYNCHBURG 50C50CMS66615120
9326MAINE 50C50CMS65931474
9328MARYLAND 50C50CMS6659170
9331MISSOURI 50C50CMS6530538
9333MONROE 50C50CMS65446100
9335NEW ROCHELLE 50C50CMS6515591186Very white and lustrous. Semiprooflike fields.
9337NORFOLK 50C50CMS671061238Sharp strike with peripheral gold and green blending to icy-white centers.
9343OREGON 50C50CMS66407116
9357PANAMA PACIFIC 50C50CMS65521377Light peripheral toning of russet and rose. Brilliant lustre
9360PILGRIM 50C50CMS65724337
9364RHODE ISLAND 50C50CMS65917547
9367ROANOKE 50C50CMS661233396
9369ROBINSON 50C50CMS651104543
9372SAN DIEGO 50C50CMS66793124Tremendous icy-blue white lustre
9374SESQUI 50C50CMS64+53334
9376SPANISH TRAIL 50C50CMS651327790
9378STONE MOUNTAIN 50C50CMS66843238Beautifully toned in amber, pink, and yellow with bluish overtones. Has a ...
9391TEXAS 50C50CMS6714322
9399VANCOUVER 50C50CMS65700423
9401VERMONT 50C50CMS65973439
9434WASHINGTON CARVER 50C50CMS6627949Shimmering, frosty lustre accompanied by delicated rainbow toning. Tremend...
9447WISCONSIN 50C50CMS6746978Light pastel yellow gold toning. Outstanding high relief strike.
9449YORK 50C50CMS661567637
9222LAFAYETTE $1$1MS64+40388