M.J. Mikulski

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Rank 155
Weighted GPA 64.250
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 64.250
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About this set: An ongoing process in completing the entire Morgan series.

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M.J. Mikulski
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Owner's Comments
Philadelphia Mint Silver Dollar71661886$1MS662714499148922697Vam 1A,, (Also have in 63 VAM 17 Doubled Arrows)
Carson City Mint Silver Dollar71521884-CC$1MS6416832100359221555617Nice obverse slight gold toning
New Orleans Mint Silver Dollar72541898-O$1MS651196124869637015673PQ
Denver Mint Silver Dollar72981921-D$1MS635176791652197972Few bag marks, weak strike though.
San Francisco Mint Silver Dollar71401882-S$1MS6517660590814667349380PQ